Sziget news

Where to stay at Sziget?

As Sziget is a 7-Day event it is important that you have a good place to rest and take a break from all the partying, whether it’s during the day or night. Fortunately for you, Sziget offers a variety of on-site accommodation options so that you can choose the one best fit to your liking. However, if you prefer other options such as an hotel, Budapest also has plenty of places to offer. Check out the on-site accommodation options listed below!

Peek into the Szitizen Prime package

Become a Szitizen Prime for   # sziget2017 and let’s celebrate the 25th Sziget together! The Szitizen Prime holders are the first inhabitants of the Island of Freedom, and you can become one by buying your 7-Day or 5-Day Pass in the first 25 hours of ticket sales. If you do this, you will also receive a Szitizen Prime package delivered to your address! What is in a Szitizen Prime Package? Find out here!

The Szitizen Prime deal for #sziget2017

Become a Szitizen Prime for #sziget2017 and let’s celebrate the 25th Sziget together! Szitizen Primes are the very first inhabitants, who plan to conquer the island next August. This time wanna-be Szitizen Primes can buy passes with a special discount, while a special Szitizen Prime package, full of goodies will also arrive to their home until Xmas! There is even more: the draw for the very exclusive Szitizen Prime VIP packages! Are you ready???

Become a Szitizen Prime - 25th September!

The countdown for #sziget2017 is ON! Join us for the 25th Sziget Festival! Come and celebrate with us! Become a Szitizen Prime and get your tickets among the very firsts! Ticket sales starts 5 PM (CET), 25th September, 2016! If you buy your ticket in the first 25 hours you will become a Szitizen Prime! Shortly we will let you know the details… ;)

496.000 Szitizens @ Sziget2016!

We were 496.000 Szitizens together at #sziget2016! We had so much fun with you all, hope you also had a fantastic time! See you at Sziget2017 -> 9-16 August, 2017!

Read me before leaving!

Are you already packing? Click here and read the most important stuff you need to know before leaving! See you very very soon! 

All day tickets sold for 11 August

All day tickets are now gone for 11 August aka Day 0! Day tickets for the remaining days are still available! See you very soon!

All passes are gone! Day tickets still available!

Sziget Festival has reached a new milestone by selling out all of the 7 Days Passes before July. The Island of Freedom will also set a new record in the number of nationalities represented at the event, as presales ticket buyers come from a total of 102 countries. Important hint for late-buyers: day tickets are still available, but make sure you decide quickly!

Less than 1000 passes left for #sziget2016

Future Szitizens! Less than 1000 passes left for #sziget2016! Make sure you get yours in time! 

Hurry up! Sziget passes will be gone by the end of June!

Dear Szitizens, if you don't have your 7 days pass yet, than you should hurry up as now only 5% of total passes are available and with the current dynamics it will sell out by the end of June! Check the detailed schedule and prepare for the best 7 days!