Peek into the Szitizen Prime package

Wed Sep 21 11:32:20 2016

Become a Szitizen Prime for  #sziget2017 and let’s celebrate the 25th Sziget together! The Szitizen Prime holders are the first inhabitants of the Island of Freedom, and you can become one by buying your 7-Day or 5-Day Pass in the first 25 hours of ticket sales. If you do this, you will also receive a Szitizen Prime package delivered to your address! What is in a Szitizen Prime Package? Find out here!

All the goodies in your package are designed to bring you the Sziget vibe until the festival next August.

In your Szitizen Prime Package you will receive:

  • A limited edition Szitizen Prime T-shirt, which you can wear to let everyone know you are one of the first inhabitants of the Island of Freedom
  • A super cool pair of Szitizen Prime socks to help keep you warm in the cold winter months
  • A unique Sziget Patch for your favorite clothes or bags
  • Sziget stickers to stick anywhere you like
  • A Sziget pin to show you are a proud Szitizen Prime member

What else is there?

By buying your 7-Day or 5-Day pass within 25 hours of the ticket sales on September 25, you will not only receive a Szitizen Prime package, but you also have the chance to get an extra VIP package!

In the Szitizen Prime VIP packages you will be able to:

  • View a concert we pick from the Front of House tower of the Main Stage. This will give you exclusive access to watch from the highest point of Sziget.
  • Participate in the ultimate backstage tour, where you can check out the dressing rooms, discover where the production team works, as well as enjoy the lounge of the stars with a unique view of the Main Stage!
  • Have dinner from the backstage catering of the Main Stage, enjoy the great food and exclusive atmosphere!
  • Last but not least, you will receive the 13-day Citypass to explore Budapest city and use its services in order to make your Sziget time a real festival holiday!