Where to stay at Sziget?

Thu Sep 22 11:33:45 2016

As Sziget is a 7-Day event it is important that you have a good place to rest and take a break from all the partying, whether it’s during the day or night. Fortunately for you, Sziget offers a variety of on-site accommodation options so that you can choose the one best fit to your liking. However, if you prefer other options such as an hotel, Budapest also has plenty of places to offer. Check out the on-site accommodation options listed below!

Basic camping

Every festivalpass holder automatically has the free possibility to set camp here as it is included in the price of your ticket. Throughout the island, you will find numerous basic camping sites in different locations for you to choose from. If you do not want to bring your own tent, we also offer camping sets (tent, mattress, blanket) available online and ready for you to pick up once you arrive. If you opt to buy one, you have the choice between a basic camping set and a deluxe set, with a bigger and stronger tent as well as a double air mattress.

Upgrade campsites

This option is perfect for those of you who do not mind to camp, but still would like to enjoy certain upgrades. You can choose from Bridge camping, the Family camping , Caravan camping, VIP camping, Alternativa camping, Apéro camping, and Siesta camping. These camping sites offer slightly better infrastructure (more toilets, showers etc.), as well as enhanced security and features such as free WIFI spots, free left luggage, and special accommodation offers. Moreover, you also have the option of ordering a pre-set up tent so you do not have to bother brining extra luggage or the hassle of building a tent.

These accommodation options take the desire for more comfort to another level. Want to enjoy luxuries such as sleeping in a house and be able to lock it, live in a pre-settled caravan, power outlets or lights? The options are endless! At the VIP camping we offer pre-pitched tents, wooden houses, triangle houses and pre-settled caravans, regular or deluxe. If you prefer something a little cheaper and would love to experience Italian hospitality, then at Alternativa camping we offer pre-pitched tents as well as the Accordion house. Apéro camping, with a more French vibe, offers accommodations such as pre-pitched tents and wooden houses. Moreover, the Spanish Siesta camping has farm houses, and of course pre-pitched tents. And lastly, at Bridge camping you can choose from comfort tents, wooden huts and set-up tents.

Hotel and glamping packages

Budapest has hundreds of hostels or hotels to offer, all of which you can find online. However, in order to make your search a bit easier, we have partnered with Danubius Hotels to offer you a hotel room for 2 at two different locations. You can either stay at the Danibius Hotel Helia in the city or at the Danibius Health Spa Resort on Margitsziget. If you want to sleep on the island while still enjoying some of the more luxurious features of a hotel, such as sleeping in a real bed, you can now stay in Flexotels or Podpads. Flexotels are like small (lock-able) rooms, with beds, storage space for clothes, a table with chairs and a power supply. Podpads, on the other hand, are a quirky boutique camping alternative to the traditional nylon tent, with lots of variations (podpads, luxpads bunkpad, octopad and bellepad).