Sergent Garcia (F)

World music

Bruno Garcia became a household name as the front man of Ludwig Van 88 in 1997 on the Morning Club Latin music festival. At that time he was still into his sound system mixing punk, reggae and Latin melodies. Despite his immediate success, he started a new band within a few weeks. The result was Sergent Garcia, and the new genre “salsamuffin” (mixing ragamuffin with salsa). Their 1999 debut, Un poquito quema’o made them one of the most popular bands in France as well as one of the most in demand on the European Latin music scene. Their shows became synonymous with sunny carnivals and freedom, in which all kinds of Latin music from salsa, son, cha-cha, rumba, cumbia as well as raga, ska, reggae and even gypsy and North-African styles can be heard. We can count on a merciless party with endless dancing.