The 6th Sziget Art of Freedom presents:

Tender for art installations at
SZIGET 2019 - The Island of Freedom

Design something extraordinary, spectacular and funny, something that no one can pass by without noticing. Design a sculpture, installation, decoration or functional tool that could be a great add-on to the Sziget vibe! It should be charming and impulsive, so Szitizens of the island can be amazed by the pure energy of art! Let it be in true harmony with the core values of Sziget and consciously environmentally friendly.

We support the most creative, spectacular and visionary yet cost-effective and difficult-to-destruct ideas and designs!

Download the Open Call in pdf format

About the tender:

The Art of Freedom tender is now open for the sixth time in a row by Sziget Cultural Management Ltd. with the mission to support local and foreign artists and provide a platform for the installations at its festivals.
The aim of Sziget is also to make the festivals a more exciting and appealing experience for visitors and to create spectacular, inspirational works that give space and voice to ideas and issues that will help the world go forward and make our Earth a better place.

The theme of the tender:

As a part of the 2019 “Love Revolution campaign,” we expect the art concepts that somehow tie into or relate to the following term:

love revolution!

We are all different: we come from different parts of the world, speak different languages, have different beliefs, different skin colors, different interests & taste and we prioritize differently. However, when we all come together we realize that the power of our diversity unites us and together we can change our environment.

The community of Sziget Festival, the global family of Szitizens coming from more than 100 countries, announces the “Love Revolution”. A revolution using the power of our community, guided by love, to support causes that could help our planet become a better place. The Love Revolution is our peaceful celebration, where together we aim to:

  • Share an environment where no one can be discriminated or insulted based on their skin color, religion or sexual identity,
  • Respect everyone’s human rights regardless of their origin.

Who can apply:

  • Artists, artistic groups
  • Beginners, sympathizers, amateurs, professionals

It is required for the applicant be eligible for contract and invoice release.


  • Artistic / decorative outdoor installations, sculptures
  • Functional design objects:
    • Decoration: separating panels, fences, stage decorations, shades, decoration lights
    • Resting tools: seating installations for enjoying food, for relaxing, for recharging, community spaces
    • Functional buildings: ticket booths, toilets, shower facilities, garbage, fence covering decoration
    • Designs that add life to infrastructure, objects, direction indicating system, water blocks, toilet paper holder, trashcan stand designs, designs to unite catering facilities
    • Gates (camping, entrance of stages)
    • Symbols (Signs with Sziget’s main messages, for ex: Love Revolution)
    • Backstage decorations
    • Plant designs
  • Other freely designed artworks

Applicants can apply in more than one category with multiple plans, but they should all comply with the terms and conditions of the tender.

Winning projects:

  • The projects selected will receive money to cover the expenses of the project.
  • Keep in mind, that the project should have a detailed budget in the application that cannot be modified later on.
  • The amount will be paid after signing a contract and receiving an invoice.
  • The overall budget of the tender is 100.000 EUR. Our goal is to have as many winning entries as possible from this amount to decorate Sziget.

Basic concepts when applying:

  • Make it unique and spectacular and memorable
  • Your concept should represent the spirit of the Island of Freedom
  • Works submitted should be your idea. No plagiarism, please!
  • Think green! In 2019 Sziget continues to aim for an energy-saving and green path, so when designing, stay environmentally-friendly and use natural or recycled materials! During the selection process, such artworks will be preferred
  • Be politically and ideologically neutral, the appearance of the work shouldn't violate any laws, hurt others feelings or personality rights
  • Works should be festival and weather-resistant as they will be outside for 10 days
  • Works should not be dangerous
  • Works that don’t require digging (for stabilization) are preferred and are stable statically in all means
  • We prefer works that can be easily transported and (dis)assembled, practically stored and that could be re-installed in the future multiple times, at least for 3 years
  • The works applied will be filtered continuously and the winners can only attend the festival if a mutual agreement was made and the details were signed in a contract

How to submit your application?

Follow instructions on the website and send in all your application material by February 15, 2019:

  • Name of artwork (it will appear at the festival under this name)
  • Short introduction with the following information: Artists or group of artists full names (we will communicate the names you submit here), date of birth, phone number, email address. In case you are a team of artists please give us 1 main contact that we can keep in touch with regarding the tender.
  • Visuals (1-5 pictures, jpg format, the longer side max. 1024px, max. 5 MB)
  • Detailed yet short concept description (in Word), max. 150 words, which also contains a brief description of the solution plan and implementation.
  • Detailed cost plan (word / excel), which includes all costs incurred in connection with the artwork, net of VAT, without VAT. This includes, for example, costs associated with the creation of artwork, any permissions (static, fire protection, etc.), transportation, installation, operation (during the festival the creator is responsible for preserving the artwork) and storage outside the festival. The net amount calculated in the application form can not be modified later on.
  • Be sure to specify the technical requirements (eg. electricity, water, etc.) needed for the creation of the artwork, if there is anything you may need separately from Sziget be sure to mark it (we will discuss these with winning tenders separately).
  • Materials, tools, and labor required for the implementation of the installation and any permits required must be provided by the applicant.
  • A declaration that the created artwork or plan is a product of your own intellectual property or you have the rights to use the work. If you need special permissions for implementation, you need to get it yourself.
  • We are not able to process any works that do not meet the specifications requirements!
  • The (Email subject: AOF2019 - Title of the work - Creator name) for any questions about the application email us.

Application has closed.
Thank you for all sent in materials, applicants will be notified shortly.


Deadline for application: February 15, 2019

Judging: March 2019

Results (first round): after March 16, 2019

Personal consultation (second round with the winning applicants): April - May 2019

Contract signing: May – June 2019

Construction at the festival: August 5, 2019

Festival: August 7-13, 2019

Dismantle: August 14, 2019

What does Sziget offer?

Artists will receive a festival pass to install, maintain (secure) and dismantle the work. If necessary we will provide the artist with a deposit on the account of the tender value. In addition, the exact location of the installation will be decided together.

When putting together your application:

  • Precisely consider and list all technical needs, also if you have any question regarding the location of the finalized work.
  • Consider lightning protection in case your work is taller than 8 meters.
  • When designing your project and during the implementation process, you need to fulfill all relevant statutory provisions and other laws.
  • Make sure your budget is calculated in the net amount and it should include all costs as there is no chance for modification later on.
  • Keep track of deadlines as we cannot accept any works of art after the dates have passed
  • Be aware that chosen installations will need continuous operating and maintaining staff on site for the duration of the festival, who can fix any breaks or other problems (necessary entry tickets are provided by Sziget).
  • Installations should be kept in their original state and it’s the applicant's task to supervise this.
  • There is a possibility for longer building periods with earlier starting dates. Please let us know in the application if you need this.


All personal data and documents will be handled by the Organizer, confidentially, in accordance with the operative laws. Furthermore, the Organizer reserves the right to document and rearrange incoming applications and use them for communicational purposes of events of Sziget Cultural Management Ltd. in the future free of charge. In any case the installations of the winning projects would be displayed anywhere else than Sziget (anywhere outside the festivals organized by Sziget Cultural Management Ltd.) an approval of Sziget Cultural Management is needed.

In case the ready installations cause any accident or any harm at any events of Sziget Cultural Management Ltd. during their normal use, the applicant will be held responsible.

Sziget Ltd. does not store installations and does not transport it on the first dismantling day of the festival. A separate agreement will be made if the installation will be re-used.


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