Stages of Sziget

Meet all the colours of Sziget. Green is within reach; stages are in a few steps away. What stages? Let us introduce them.

Decor Decor Decor Decor Decor
  • Cirque du Sziget
  • dropYard
  • ibis x ALL Europe Stage
  • Global Village
  • Lightstage
  • Music Box
  • Travelling Funfair
  • Magic Mirror
  • Sziget Comedy @ Magic Mirror
  • Theatre-and-Dance Field
  • Giant Street Theatre
  • Vietnamese National Puppet Theatre
  • Walkabaouts

Cirque du Sziget Decor Decor

Jugglers and equilibrists, acrobats, visual and expressive shows, contemporary dance, movement, momentum, physicality, and transformation. Cirque du Sziget is where you can find all of these and much more. Many visitors cannot imagine the festival without new and unpredictable circus performances. This year, Cirque du Sziget offers two venues; in the tent there will be breath-taking shows from Cirque La Compagnie (France), Barcode Circus Company (Canada), Compagnie Cabas (France), Palestinian and Hungarian Circus School.

Who will perform here?

among others...
Cirque La Compagnie (France) Barcode Circus Company (Canada) Compagnie Cabas (France) Palestinian Circus School (Palestine) Hungarian Circus School (Hungary)
Hands Some Feet (Belgium)
Cie Burrasca (France) Amoukanama Circus (Guinea)
Hisashi Watanabe (Japan)

dropYard Decor Decor

Come and take a dive into the world of the hippest Hip-Hop artists at Sziget’s newest addition, the dropYard. Showcasing the international hip-hop/rap performers from as many countries as possible. The new stage will give you a chance to listen to performances in many languages from all over the world. You don't need to understand the words to be fully captured by the beats and bars from hip-hop’s finest. In addition to rap artists, you can cheer on Europe’s most talented break dancers while they battle each other.

Who will perform here?

among others...
Kneecap (IRL)
Ulfur Ulfur (ISL)
Audio88 & Yassin (D) Krúbi (H)
Beton.Hofi (H)
Luidji (F)
The Ruggeds (NL) Kris & Marek (CZ)
The Ruggeds (NL)
Tribade (E-I)Villabanks (I)
Cor (NL)Chamos (NL)

ibis x ALL Europe Stage Decor Decor

The Europe Stage returns in 2022 with an even more colourful and exciting line-up hosting the best international emerging bands. You can find the heaviest rock bands followed by mind blowing electronic sets and exciting new talents from all the genres you can imagine. Be part of this all week long musical experience and get to know future stars. The newest sensations such as Lola Marsh, Whispering Sons, Chef’s Special, Jungle by Night performed on this stage in the previous years!

Who will perform here?

among others...
cleopatrick (CAN)
Shelter Boy (D) YellowStraps (B)
Nova Twins (UK)
French79 (F) Gli Psicologi (I)
Eefje de Visser (NL)
Froukje (NL)Surma (P)

Global Village Decor Decor

Global Village is exploring the sounds of the World from the Balkan to South America, from Korea to Mali, from India to Morocco, local rhythms, languages and instruments. Global Village is the place where you will experience an array of music from a traditional form through fusion to electronic world. Discover the diversity of the world with musical workshops during the day. Play music together, meet with the artists during talks and dance together to ethno beats until the middle of the night! This year you can admire the special water puppet show, coming all the way from Vietnam! The traditional performance will be on show twice a day. Stilt-walkers, straight from Togo will blow your mind with their traditional, acrobatic methods and techniques.

Who will perform here?

among others...
Arat Kilo feat. Mamani Keita & Mike Ladd (F-Mali-US) Luiku (UA)
Sofiane Saidi (F- ALG)
VOŁOSI (PL) Amsterdam Klezmer Band (NL)
Guiss Guiss Bou Bess (SN - F) Chalaban (H)
Minyo Crusaders (J)La Caravane Passe feat. Mehdi Nassouli (F-MOR) La Perla (COL)
Zorg & Zoord (F-H)

Lightstage Decor

The Lightstage, found near the entrance of the International camping, will offer live music concerts by young and talented, emerging artists from across Europe. The area (open to everybody) is meant as a quality chill-out zone. There will be cool daytime concerts, along with a restaurant and bar. Szitizens can relax and get ready for the rest of the night here.

Who will perform here?

among others...
oh! Gonquit (UK)
Karakaz (I)
Bais (I)
Bais (I) Erica Mou (I)
Stain (I)
Juno Lee (D)
Elena (CH)
Lazio Sound (I) Microwave (H)
The Big Ska Swindle (I)
Anna-Sophie (A)
Felicia-Lu (A) Louis Checkley (UK)
Pool (D)

Music Box Decor Decor

The fascinating stage of Music Box offers you a variety of exciting singer-songwriters. You can discover the best local and international acts. Come and enjoy soothing and refreshing music in an intimate setting!

Who will perform here?

among others...
James Leg (USA)
Old Sea Brigade (USA)
Will Barber (F) Meskerem Mees (B)
Áron András ‘Apey’ (H)
Mark & Jason (H) Barkóczi Noémi (H)
Crying Day Care Choir (S)
Jazzbois (H) Postman (UA)

Travelling Funfair Decor Decor

Travel back in time with the traditional funfair games! The venue will bring a unique atmosphere, a magical world to Sziget, where everything is possible and we can all turn back time. There will be a lot of shooting, tossing and striking game-structures with some fanfare music! Magicians, puppeteers, fortune tellers, jugglers and a miniature “big wheel” are all waiting for you. You can also enjoy for the first time the Automata Carrousel straight from Belgium. It is a fascinating installation with eleven separate lodges where you can open a window and be involved in the story by just turning a handle.

Who will perform here?

among others...
Cie Super Super: Plouf et Replouf (F)
Automata Carrousel (B) Illuzao (CA): Voyageurs
Karzat Theatre (H)

Magic Mirror Decor Decor

The Magic Mirror has been the venue celebrating love for 20 years. Through cabaret, drag shows, circus, burlesque and comedy, you can lose yourself in the high energy atmosphere of this magical place. Our aim is to provide the public with diverse and passionate topics through workshops, film screenings, panels, stand-up comedy and shows. We enable Szitizens to find a home among current trends, alignments and artistic movements, according to their diverse identities in our LGBTQ venue. This year's main show comes straight from Australia, a performance created specially for Sziget by Scott Maidment, the director of Limbo.

Who will perform here?

among others...
Sado Opera (D-RU)
Ragapop (UA)
Queer House Party (UK) Sweetie Darling (NL)
LEOPOLD (D) Márcio Canabarro- Molnár Csaba (BR-H): Tropical Escape Vogue Night
Gerard Reyes (CAN)
Raisha Cosima (E)SNAX (USA-D)

Sziget Comedy @ Magic Mirror Decor Decor

Dave Thomsphon returns to Magic Mirror as the host of Sziget Comedy bringing his friends in order to entertain the Szitizens with the very best jokes and stories from all around the world. The biggest entertainers will compete for your graces, eg. Phil Nichol misses a few nights in the lead role of a famous West End musical in order to make you laugh, Stephen Grant will scatter his jokes from the stage, Liam Mullone will talk about masturbation, police and stuffed animals. We will have Mike Gunn, legend of the English comedy clubs, while the special accents of Hungarian humor will be represented by Tóth Edu.

and many more...

Theatre-and-Dance Field Decor Decor

presented by Fidelio

Sziget Festival is known to have one of the most diverse and dynamic performing arts stages. In 2022, the Theatre-and-Dance Field will take on a new form for Islanders interested in contemporary dance and performing arts. Two open-air venues and a variety of captivating performances will be presented with special programmes every day for those who seek to experience an innovative and distinctive atmosphere. Among others, for three nights Angel Durran will present Papillon, a unique mix of movement, projected image and a light show. The Catalan company, Instectotropics’ inter-media production, Legend of Burning Man, uses theatre, visual arts and live music to tell the story of the beginnings of the Arab Spring on a 360-degree stage.

Who will perform here?

among others...
Flying Bodies & Collective Dope (HU) Viktor Černický (CZ): PLI (F)
Claire Ducreux (F): Silencis Alessandro Sciarroni (I): Save The Last Dance For Me
Un Loup Pour L'homme (F): Cuir O Ultimo Momento (P-F): L'Autre
Foco alAire (MEX)
Insectotròpics (E) – The Legend of Burning Man Angel Duran (E): Papillon Mannès – Turine – Lemaître (B): Forces
Lasala (E): Fight
Willany Leo (H)
Mészáros Máté (H)

Giant Street Theatre Decor

presented by AMC

As you may expect, this year Sziget once again brings an enormous street theatre production. Sacude’s show, Euforia will take you on an aerial journey and together with the dancers will start a party, taking the audience into an intense state of happiness, stimulating them through their dances and acrobatics in the sky. Let your mind fly, let your body be free, dance with us and enjoy the moment with this unique and unforgettable experience.

Who will perform here?

Sacude (E): Euforia

Vietnamese National Puppet Theatre (VN) Decor Decor

This year the Vietnam National Puppetry Theatre will come to Sziget! This Water Puppet Show is really what it sounds like: a puppet show but on water. If you attend one of these theatre shows, you will see the most amusing and rather confusing show of puppets making their way across shallow pools of water with the master puppeteers well hidden behind curtains and stages.

Water puppetry has made a contribution to enriching the traditional arts and is a pride of the national culture of Vietnam. In fact, the secret to how these talented puppeteers make their puppets move so flawlessly and on cue on top of the water while seeming blind from behind a screen is a closely guarded secret till date.


Walkabouts Decor Decor

The Walkabouts are coming! These bands, strange creatures, aliens from distant places will be popping up around Sziget at the most random, unexpected places and times. Performers are coming from all over the world, to keep you entertained. So don’t be surprised if you come across these unusual characters!

Who will perform here?

among others...
Cie Paris Benares (F): Sacred cows Robson Catalunha (BR) - The Hybrid Deabru Beltzak (E) - Les Tambours de Feu
Delinus (NL) Chalaang - Drummers of India (IND)

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