NGO Island


European Meeting Point

Open between 12:00 and 20:00

Visit us if you wish to know more about your rights in the EU, learning abroad, working in the EU or the EU itself. Let’s play together and have a chat! If you fill our EU quiz without fail, you may win presents! 2022 is European Year of Youth in Europe. The thematic season’s goal, among others, is to inform young people about their possibilities in EU and to actively draw them into shaping EU’s future. The hosts are the Hungarian Embassy of the European Committee and the Hungarian Contact Office for the European Parliament.

European Students’ Forum

August 10-11-12.

AEGEE-Budapest is the local organisation of a European umbrella organisation with approximately 10 000 young people. It aims to create a democratic, diverse and borderless Europe with international exchanges and conferences.

AFS Intercultural Programs

Join the global AFS community! AFS is an international, voluntary, non-profit association void of governments and religions, helping young people to study interculturally, thus empowering them to acquaint the knowledge, ability and understanding necessary for creating a better world.

Corvinus Society for Foreign Affairs and Culture

Civilian diplomacy

Corvinus Society for Foreign Affairs and Culture has been taking part in the work of Civil Island and EU Meeting Point since 2010. This year, they reappear with their programme called Civilian Diplomacy, focusing on the future of EU and acquainting people with the regional position of our country within the framework of EU – unfortunately all this is especially relevant considering the war in Ukraine. Our programme centres on the question of how we, EU citizens from the civilian and the academic sector, are able to contribute to the strengthening of the collaboration between EU members and how are we able to handle crises arising more and more frequently.

Union of European Federalists – Hungary

UEF, and its youth organization JEF, are international, political movements with 30,000 members across Europe. We aim to promote a united, federal Europe based on common values such as democracy and the rule of law. We organize exchanges, community debates, and campaigns in more than 30 countries, aiming to establish an EU-wide dialogue. @jef_hungary (IG, Facebook)

National Youth Council

August 10-11-12.

WHO ARE WE? National Youth Council is the umbrella association of the Hungarian youth councils helping Hungarian youth get acquainted with international capital of knowledge, contacts and information and represent their interests towards decision-makers. We consider our mission to develop in the field of youth and to raise their interest concerning public matters. WHAT ARE WE GIVING YOU AT THE FESTIVAL? Youth Dialogue Project is a special project empowering young people to participate in decision-making. The program aims at creating a dialogue mechanism between young people between 14 and 30 years of age concerning regional, national and international issues. This process has been present in all EU countries since 2010.

European and International College for Advanced Studies

August 10-11-12.

With a profile concerning international relationships, international safety, defence politics and diplomacy, European and International College for Advanced Studies is a professional community comprised of talented, accomplished and intelligent students trying their wings while completing their university studies.

NGO Island

Open between 11:00 and 20:00

Company of Hearing Foundation

Hello, Tomorrow A preventive and informative program of the foundation.
Are you brave enough to look into your own ear? Would you try our active headsets that keep the sound out? Would you check your level of hearing with our interactive hearing tests? Are you interested in learning how the sound level changes when music starts? You can get a sound-protective earplug, you can borrow a sound-protective headset, and can also have a go with our filtering earplugs, too!

We are noÁr! Ltd. of public benefit

You should have a case, too! noÁr is a movement that aims at reaching positive change with the help of art, dialogue and the strength of actions. Without depending on any party politics, our goal is that people would make up a conscious, acting society while living in a more free and open country. We are fighting for a cohesive community where everyone has a case.

Campaign to Stop Killer Robots

August 10-11-12

When man is at the cross-hairs Is it possible that robots will turn against us in the future? Is it probable that future wars won’t be led by humans? Can we reverse this dangerous process? Campaign to stop killer robots is an international campaign madeof 180 organisations; our aim is to preserve substantive human control over guns and war.

Amnesty Hungary International

August 13-14-15

Amnesty Human Rights Tent Amnesty International Hungary is a Hungarian civil organisation concerned with the protection of rights, working for reaching the level when human rights will be applied to each and every human being. Visit us at Sziget, too – learn with us about human rights while playing, raise your voice against violation of such rights, and win presents!

ArtWorkShop Cultural Association

HepaGo Testing Point ArtWorkShop Association started HepaGo Project in 2020 as part of our “maintaining good health and preventing drug use and diseases” activity. The main target group of the program is the capital’s drug users; we would like to help them reach basic hygienic and harm reduction products, get access to HIV and Hep C testing, counsel and treatment. The association’s workers are present at several sites of the capital with the help of a bus. HepaGo Project is often available at events organised by of associations and supply points dealing with drug users; we are also at your service in night clubs, music festivals, concerts and programs in the form of HIV and Hep C testing and counselling.

Autism Foundation

Autism Island Autism Foundation has been working continuously since its foundation in 1989, covering the whole country. Its direct services – covering a person’s whole lifespan – range from the earliest possible diagnosis to helping adults, ensuring therapy, obtaining means of education and care on the whole autism spectrum. On the other hand, its important aim is to give out information and form the society’s approach towards autism.

Bagázs Public Benefit Organisation

Bagázs: a bridge among the Islands At the Bagázs public benefit organisation, we are working towards a more accepting and equal society, where those living in the Gipsy slums are also able to reach their goals and dreams. If you wish to learn more about people living in Hungarian Gipsy slums and Gipsy culture, visit our stand where we are waiting for you with interactive workshops and have a chance to create art together!

Association of Budapest Medical Students

The main aim of Association of Budapest Medical Students is to improve the health-conscious approach of the community. We do emphasize the role of prevention in our work; our program was created to direct attention to the prevention and early diagnosis of melanoma, and to ensure screening for festival visitors.

Budapest Debate Union

Debate Tent Get to know the diverse debate societies of Hungary – Formal academic debates every day from noon and 4 pm - Debate drills: structure your ideas into comprehensive arguments - Public speaking contest: speak your mind on how the world should progress! - Revisit the most iconic speeches in modern history from a debating perspective!


In the workshop of Életrevaló Ház, you can engage in drama play, painting, writing a book and making a film during the year. Our tent offers the following: The circle of being nice – plant a flower and send a message!, Beauty corner – get ready to be photographed!, Love wins – sparkling face-paint. Photo wall and lovely message. Discussion centred on self-reflexion. chill zone. Fact wall and other games.

Student Association of Energy

ESZK was founded with the aim of helping the professional improvement of students of electrical and mechanical engineering, and to provide authentic sources about the current situation of the industry for those who are interested. Our basic motivation is to popularize energy awareness and environmentalism, towards which we take several steps. Instagram: @eszkorg

North-East Passage Cultural and Academic Association

“A Célvárosi Átjáró-Ház” is a place where you can bring the pieces of your inner world from home, and you can put yourself together with the others! Our association here, in “A Célváros” (Miskolc) promotes the development of local identity. However, it is good to be at home at Sziget, too! You can meet the Buhera family, paint a mental map and learn what an urbanized rural game looks like from A Célváros!

Greenpeace Hungary

August 13-14-15

Greenpeace is an independent global organisation promoting the conservation of the environment. The organisation actively works towards positive changes in the hope of a liveable and peaceful future. It was founded by people like you and me, for raising our voice together to protect our vulnerable Earth locally and around the world. Visit us and learn more about work!

The Seventh Day Adventist Church

Tea 4 the Soul If you ever visited us, you must come back! If you haven’t yet, put Tea 4 the Soul on your Sziget bucket list! Don’t be prepared: we are waiting for you with exciting games during the day, and in the evening we offer world famous teas, a little chill and great discussions – we are looking forward to have you in Sziget’s tea house!

Heroes’ Square Foundation

August 10, August 14, August 15.

You are what you do! This is what we believe at Hősök Tere, where we are working for people being able to want to try and stand up for themselves and for others, too. We are working on helping them learn how to become active, how to become everyday heroes. Our interactive game tests inspire Sziget visitors to notice if they see a situation arise and act!

Jane Goodall Intézet

Saving primates Dr. Jane Goodall 1977-ben hozta létre a Jane Goodall Intézetet. Küldetésünk a csimpánzok és a többi főemlős, valamint élőhelyeik megismerése és megóvása, továbbá egy olyan tájékozott és együtt érző sokaság létrehozása, amelynek segítségével az emberek, az állatok és a velük megosztott környezet számára egy jobb világot valósíthatunk meg.

Pedestrian Association of Public Utility

Járókelő.hu – If you share it, you solve it Járókelő.hu has been helping citizens to report obstacle-like problems arising in their neighbourhood’s premises since 2012. Besides, it deals with pedestrians’ rights and helps to form a different approach. Its most well-known work is Healthy streets (Egészséges utcák), giving 10 indicators in order to see the criteria for a healthy and liveable city.

JMPoint for the Jewish Community Foundation of Public Utility

Jewish Meeting Point Hungary’s biggest Jewish dating site and community forum awaits you, too! At Sziget, we are happy to have you – interesting games, international programs, Virtual Jewish Museum (, and an educational program await!
We are waiting for you at 18.30 on Friday in our tent to welcome Saturday!

Friends of the Future Association

Soteria Shelter The Soteria foundation and Jövőbarát association created a joint program for this year’s Sziget: Midnight Pingpong as a recreational program. Fruitful discussions, networking, ping-pong, badminton, T-shirt painting, hula-hooping are all available for visitors, and you can learn stories about the lives of “the civilians”.

Teenage Space Foundation

Game Station Our thought-provoking game station gives you an experience that truly connects you with others. The game connects us all, the love of the game is common, whichever part of the world we come from. Let’s meet, play and talk! Come, give it a try and bring your friends, too!

F-AIL Association of public benefit

August 10-11-12.

Kud-A.R.C. K.I.E. Solymár Our club has been working since 1990, and it became an association of public benefit in 2004. Our aim is to organise cultural, educational and recreational programs for the young while giving them positive examples and directions. Our programs made possible with the help of our volunteers present a possibility to experience what it takes to do something for and in the community, and aim at finding talented young people and supporting them, too.

Hungarian Scouts

Meet scouts! – #fesztiválcserkészek What if you are not able to take the heat anymore, and would want to do something useful until the concerts start in the evening? We will show you how to make a beautiful earring out of used coffee pods, so you will be the best-looking person in the evening! Are you curious to know what you can do in real life with the knowledge of scouts? Solve the mysteries of our escape room, get out in time and you will receive an answer to your question.

Hungarian LMBT Association

The Hungarian LMBT Association is an umbrella organisation for all lesbian, bisexual and trans organisations working in Hungary. We do help co-operation between the organisations themselves, represent the interests of LMBT people, frequently inform the community, do give out periodicals, do research and organise trainings and campaigns.

Hungarian Nuclear Society

Tent for Energy Innovation Electricity doesn’t come from the socket, but from the plant. Still, what can you put on the other end of the wire? What are the characteristics of the different energy sources? Is it possible to have an energy system that is sustainable, green, sufficient and cheap as well? How do power plants work, and what is the deal with the Holy Grail of energetics, the fusion itself? You can learn all this here, with us.

Youth Chapter of the Hungarian Psychological Association

Our association consists of psychology students; our main work centres on psychoeducation. We always do try to give out interesting, useful and up to date information, so we bring you the theme of how to participate a festival in a self-conscious way. Join us in our personality tests, take part in the games and meet psychology students who are happy to answer all your questions!

The Pest County Chapter of Hungarian Red Cross

Be a hero trained at Vöröskereszt!As a first-aid site in our First Aid Ninja program, citizens are able to learn more about first-aid tests, can receive education and medical care, too. In #AddictionPrevention, you can try the latest simulation glasses for alcohol and drug usage along with our huge cross team game, with the disinfectant and cleaning surprises of the #healthcare subprogram.

Station Group Foundation for Addicts

Don't be an Island!Megálló Csoport ensure full-day care and improvement along the principles of self-help for young people struggling with addictions, problems concerning way of life and behavioural addictions. Do you know what addictions you have? What’s your stance about shopping, sports, internet usage? How much time do you spend on your phone? #közösség #felépülés #prevenció +3613036574

Breast cancer forum – You are not alone! Foundation

Love yourself healthier Our main two goals are prevention and helping those with the diagnosis of breast cancer. At Civil Island, we try to gain young people’s attention to take responsibility for their own health, thus helping to form a health-conscious approach.

Shelter Foundation

Everyone should have a home!! A week is fun at Sziget! But camping in your whole life, looking for a place to shower, living at a crowded shelter?! With the help of our game, you can experience how homeless people tackle with everyday problems. Come and play with us – and entertain the thought of “what if”… We reward your endurance and astuteness with presents!

NANE Association

NANE Association and PATENT Association have a joint tent with quiz games, interactive tests, games and workshops for those interested in the activities of these organisations. We will talk about equal and non-equal relationships, aggression in a relationship and in a sexual relationship, reproduction rights and safe sex.

Shelter Sports Association

13th August, at the Sport site and the Sziget soccer cup

Fair Play Football RoadshowAt the championship meeting the requirements of fair play, you can decide what rules will guide you throughout the game. At the end, you will have the chance to give fair play points to the other team. Let’s make soccer about joy and the respect for others! We are looking forward to your participating in the game! We are happy to welcome mixed teams, too, without any age restriction whatsoever.

Pannonmikro Bt.

August 13-14-15.

REBOT : Don’t throw it out: build a robot! REBOT project connects the worlds of waste and high technology. With the help of kids, we create exciting things like the walking ice-cream box, the dairy can playing soccer or the butter packet following a line. Thus, we are improving kids’ approach in the hope of building a sustainable future, while making the future generation sensitive to such issues.

Positive Life Foundation

Anonym, free fingertip bloodwork concerning HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and syphilis. You can wait for the results at the site.

Being Positive - Environmental Protection and Social Foundation for safeguarding interests

Meet your prejudices in a “library”, where the books are real-life human destinies! Open these books and learn about them! Is there something you never dared to ask? You can ask it here! Our volunteers, the “Living Books” are people representing a social group with a special trait, and are happy to share their stories! Among them, there are people living with disabilities, people of different national backgrounds or belonging to a religious minority, LMBTQ people or people recovering from addictions. In the personal discussions, we can directly experience social discrimination, but are also able to see how we are able to build bridges instead of walls, and how to step up against discrimination and promote human rights. Start with us, we start with you!

Profilantrop Association for the social utilization of cultural anthropology

August 13-14-15.

Island of Philanthropy Philanthropy Donation Shop is the social task of Profilantrop Association. In our program, Philanthropy Island, those interested can take part in workshops about recycling, where they can learn new methods of recycling their unnecessary objects, thus getting closer to realizing a sustainable lifestyle.

Transparency International Hungary Foundation

August 10-11-12-13.

If you are interested in the work against corruption, and would like to try if you are able to resist corruption, visit Transparency International’s Hungarian tent at Sziget! You can get to know all those Hungarian sights you surely won’t find in any travel guide! Why? You can learn it at IT’s tent, where guest experts and presents are waiting for you. On Saturday, 13th August, comedian Gergely Litkay is to host a guided tour at Transparency International Hungary’ exhibition called “What the travel guides don’t tell you”, open during the festival at Civil Sziget.

Transvanilla Transgender Association – Make trans people visible

Transvanilla Associaton represents trans, gender-nonconform and intersexual people on all levels of life, strengthening the trans, gender-nonconform and intersexual communities as well. Their aim is that Hungary would accept and respect trans, gender-nonconform and intersexual people; to make it a place where these people are visible members of the community. They aim at making legal, medical and social changes to improve the quality of life for trans, gender-nonconform and intersexual people.

THE CATHER IN THE RYE Association for Children Youth Staff

The Catcher in the Rye Association for Kids was founded in June 1991 as a professional association non-vocationally dealing with young people. Two-third of the members are younger than twenty, and only some are older than twenty-five. The association’s basic principle is openness – thus young people working with children who are willing to enter can enter, but being a member is not obligatory for participating in the events. To implement this principle, the association seeks to maintain a good relationship with every organisation related to and dealing with children’s rights. Members living and/or studying in the same community make up local groups; these groups organise clubs, extracurricular activities, camps and bigger programs for children and young people. Our aim is to prepare kids to lead youth sessions, ensure training for youth staff, spread methodology materials, help communication and forward information between youth staff. We are also organising programs for our youth staff and kids’ communities, participating in making other communities’ kids programs happen, contributing to forming and spreading a higher level of youth staff culture. Our members participate in several trainings regarding animation and experimental education, but we do have trainings within the association, too. The latter are usually covered during the preparational weekends of our most important program, the International Kids’ Festival. We do put emphasis on teambuilding programs as well. This is usually important on the first discussions when we meet our directors for the first time – we do help them ease into their tasks, help to immerse themselves more into those games with which they are to entertain the kids soon. On the other hand, we do give a detailed description about the association, too – about how it works and the Festival itself as well. At our later discussions, we improve ourselves with situation training and games. Our trainings are mostly prepared by our former members, now working as professional trainers, which is exemplary for our directors.