Комерційний тендер 2018

Call for applications for food-type commercial activity

Call for applications for commercial activity at points of sale for alcoholic beverages

Call for applications for service and non-food commercial activities


Dear Applicants!


Invitation to the Tender of commercial activity with food, commercial activity at points of sale for alcoholic beverages and service and non-food commercial activities at VOLT Festival, Balaton Sound and Sziget Festival in 2018.

Proposals should be submitted online, alongside all required attachments and the duly filled online application form in accordance with the Tender. Sziget Zrt. is striving to offer a wide range of catering facilities for its visitors, thus we are open even to the oddest ideas.

Submission deadline for all proposals: 16th March 2018

All applications will be evaluated by 1st April 2018

Final deadline for signing the contract: 31th May 2018


Foreign applicants:

Because of the strict and complex rules of licensing requirements and laws of Hungary, we suggest that you ought to inquire at the competent Hungarian authorities (Nemzeti Élelmiszerlánc-biztonsági Hivatal, Mezőgazdasági és Földművelésügyi Minisztérium, Fogyasztóvédelmi Felügyelőség, Állami Népegészségügyi és Tisztiorvosi Szolgálat) where you can be informed about the conditions pertaining to Hungarian commercial and catering activity. Having obtained the necessary licenses, please contact us at our office.