We hebben weer de meest spectaculaire installaties, kleurrijke sculpturen, unieke kunstprojecten en spraakmakende visuals verzameld voor Sziget's Art of Freedom voor 2018. Naast de onderstaande installaties, krijgen jonge creatieven met een speciale tender weer de kans zelf hun talent te tonen op The Island of Freedom! Zo kunnen Szitizens zelf hun steentje bijdragen aan de magische droomwereld die Sziget heet en het gevoel van liefde, vriendschap, blijdschap en geluk overbrengen op het publiek van 2018.

De inschrijving voor kunstinstallaties op Sziget 2018 is nu geopend! De 5e Sziget Art of Freedom presenteert:


Voel jij de creativiteit om iets bijzonders, moois, spectaculairs of grappigs te ontwerpen, iets waar niemand voorbij zal lopen zonder zijn ogen uit te kijken? Ontwerp dan een sculptuur, installatie, decoratie of functioneel middel, dat de perfecte bijdrage kan leveren voor de ultieme Sziget vibe!



Designed by: Tekla Fehérvári

This installation aims to raise attention to the backsides of the too quick progress in technology. The insane manufacturing of electronical gadgets and the pollutant effects of consumer society are getting much and much disturbing. Electronical waste grows three times faster than any other kind of waste. Built from electronical waste and living off a tree, Elektropus symbolizes the destructive technological progress that devours our natural environment. Don’t let the beast of modern technology to suffocate you as well!

Fairy Town

Designed by: HEXA

FAIRY TOWN is a village of tiny wooden houses, where rooftops serve as seats for Szitizens. This group of 5 to 6 pieces of houses encircle a tree, which is also decorated with a string of wood and line. Thanks to the fluorescent painting the glittering village gives a magical view to the by-passers.


Designed by: Oszlányi Simon, Pál Noémi Anna, Takács Alexandra

The concept of Mushrest is based on three expressions: nature, interaction and colours. The aim was to establish a ground for resting in a nature-like habitat in the vivid swirling busyness of the festival. Therefore a net is spreaded out on the lower part and a painted sheet on the top of the installation. Mushrest functions as an exciting site not only during the day but also throughout the night because it is phosphorecent. In conclusion it is a stylized decorative mushroom figure which provides shadow in the morning time and light in the evening and in need can function as a shelter from rain but most importantly it offers a relaxing spot for Szitizens.

Neon Figurative

Designed by: LedLightGroup

We aim to create a group sculpture of vibrant and luminous human figures. We’d like to portray these figures during an activity. It would be both entertaining and colorful at day and night.


Designed by: Somogyi Fanni, Somogyi Miklós

The Pop Sheep installation is a public sculpture that consists of 24 life size colorful plastic sheep wearing sunglasses. I was both inspired by the idea of ‘counting’ sheep before falling asleep and pop art, thus I decided to pull the image from my imagination and create a real life, life size plastic herd. Each sheepis cast from epoxy and is painted with bright neon colors, which also glow in the dark. Instead of making Szitizens fall asleep at the festival, the herd is an energetic and emblematic icon on the island enhancing the positive and lively mood of the festival.

Dress Lamps

Designed by: Szabó Gergely

I'd like to express the variegation of Szitizens at Sziget with my lampions and would like to give the festival feeling on the roads between the campings. I hope it will make everyone feel happy.


Designed by: Gáthi Kristóf

TreeLand is an interactive installation that is in perfect harmony with its natural surroundings. Our goal was to come up with an installation that can be set up year after year and can always be expanded, adapted as its surroundings and functions change. We wanted to build something that people can enjoy and experience - no matter if they actually use it or just observe. The set-up of the installation is two-fold: the sitting area is located around the trunk of a tree and serves as a comfortable spot in the shade. To complete the experience, the tree itself will be involved, as well; the trunk is covered with colourful textiles while LED-lights, bulbs and other lanterns are hung from the branches.

Match Stack Rest Area

Designed by: Balázs Hárshegyi and Herendi-Hárshegyi

The silent, explosion-proof match was invented by János Irinyi (1817-1895) during his university tuition. We celebrate the 200th anniversary of his birth this year. Although matches were replaced with lighters in our everyday life, they still play a significant role in our culture, being one of the most simple and imaginative objects. Besides lighting fires with it, we can use it for many other things; we can play with them, model and build almost anything out of them. We scaled the matches up sixty times, and built a stack out of them, so you can come in and rest during the day, and enjoy the colorful looming lights by night.

Bottle Beetle

Designed by: Vajda Kreatív Diákcsoport

Their first installation, the CD SPIDER, has successfully debuted at Sziget 2016, which gave the idea of the BOTTLE BEETLE insects for 2017. Similarly to the Dragon of Freedom, it is made of industrial waste, which fits perfectly into the design and concept of the Green Island. It is also spectacular, drastic and well-visible even on the photos and videos taken by drones.


Designed by: WIRE

Wire’s new project called „Galilei” represents human activity and its result. The material and the form recall the team’s original style while they aim at creating something new in Galilei. The cube outside is made out of wood while the globe inside is made out of metal. 4-5 people may be seated inside the globe that set the installation turning around by using their own manual power. This aspect symbolizes the importance of human power and knowledge: it may be the fuel of the modern world as long as it harmonizes with nature.

Csillagszemű juhász (The star-faced shepherd)

Designed by: Jap-Yap Team

The basis of our idea was to make such a point on the Sziget festival, where the Szitizens can chill at any given time of the day. The tone of the building comes from Hungarian folklore, which we tried to put into an up-to- date form. The concept is based on a stylized skull, that is made more exciting by the colorful graphics.