Green Camping

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Tidy Campsite Pledges

Let’s take care of SZIGET! Make a solemn vow to clean up your campsite before you head home. Promise that you will bring your tent and camping accessories home or to one of our collection points, and that you will throw your garbage away. Record your pledge to see yourself on the Main Stage screen or to win one of the 60 SZIGET t-shirts or 6 weekly passes for 2023. Record your message.

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These are the instructions how to record your own video:

  1. Tell me your name and where you're from (it can be a country or a city, whatever)
  2. Agree to clean up after yourself when you leave the Island and/or tell in 1-2 sentences how you take care of the Island (e.g. I also selectively collect trash under the Island and definitely take my tent home at the end)
  3. Close the video with the sentence "Let's take care of Sziget".