Green Sziget

Jednou z hlavných myšlienok iniciativy Szigetu – Love Revolution je životné prostredie a udržateľný rozvoj. Minulý rok sme intenzívne pracovali na naplnení stanovených cieľov a snažili sme sa vytvoriť ekologicky čo najpriateľskejší festival. Tento rok budeme pokračovať a posunieme sa zase o kúsok ďalej. Prostredníctvom Love Revolution nám aj vy môžete pomôcť zmeniť naše životné prostredie k lepšiemu a postupne to preniesť do našich každodenných životov.


Vyberte si na Szigete zelenú!

Tu je niekoľko spôsobov, ako môžete znížiť svoju ekologickú stopu a pomôcť nám znížiť celkový vplyv festivalu na životné prostredie. Dúfame, že tieto návrhy vám pomôžu viesť vás k udržateľnejšiemu životu počas festivalu aj mimo neho, vo vašom každodennom živote!
Green sziget

Eat consciously! We are constantly working on expanding our range of low environmental impact, vegan and vegetarian dishes, increasing the amount of local and seasonal ingredients, so you can enjoy a wider range of healthy and sustainable options.

Green sziget

Opätovne použite svoj stan a kempingové vybavenie! Ak to nie je možné, odovzdajte ich na určenom zbernom mieste.

Green sziget

Trieďte odpad! Používajte odpad, ktorý sa dá opakovane využiť, a dávajte ho do jednotlivých odpadkových košov.

Green sziget

Slámky preč!

Green sziget

Príďte na bicykli! Na cestu medzi centrom mesta a festivalom Sziget použite bicykel alebo verejnú dopravu.

Green sziget

Vyberte si nízkoemisnú dopravu! 80 % emisií uhlíka na Szigete pochádza z používania lietadiel. Ak cestujete lietadlom, zapojte sa do nášho programu kompenzácie emisií oxidu uhličitého!

Green sziget

Bring your own water bottle, and refill it at the assigned water taps!

Green sziget

Šetrite vodou! Ak používate tlačidlovú sprchu, snažte sa sprchovať maximálne trikrát stlačením tlačidla!

Eat well, be well at Sziget! - to benefit both you and the planet!

Selective waste collection, cycling, and water-saving measures are all important from a sustainability perspective, but what you eat also matters a lot! 40% of a European citizen's ecological footprint comes from their diet, and what's good for the Earth is good for you too!
1. Eat vegetables and fruits every day! If possible, consume local and seasonal produce.
2. Choose meat-free dishes! By skipping just one beef burger, you can save enough drinking water for 4 years! Look for Sziget's green restaurants and try vegetarian/vegan dishes!
3. Instead of sugary drinks, drink water! It's not only a healthier choice but also saves waste if you refill your bottle!
4. Starting your hangover day with chips and pastries? Try nuts, a smoothie, or other vitamin and nutrient-rich foods instead like hummus with vegetables and whole grain pastry or a vegetable soup.
5. Don’t feed the Sziget’s trash bins! If the portions feel too big, share with someone instead of throwing it away!
Look for the food stalls marked by green leaves on the …website and if you want to learn more about healthy and sustainable dining, visit the Heroes of Responsible Dining at the Northern Green Sziget Point.

Iniciatíva “Low Food-print”

The festival is working towards increasing sustainable catering options. For this year’s festival, we are encouraging all food vendors to voluntarily comply with a baseline of sustainability measures, such as providing vegetarian/vegan options, reducing/eliminating red meat, using more locally sourced/organic ingredients, utilizing environmentally friendly cleaning products and monitoring/reducing food waste. All caterers are now required to buy fruits and vegetables that are seasonally available in Hungary from a centralized food retailer that exclusively sells local/domestic in-season produce.

Udržateľné cestovanie

We will encourage our visitors to travel by trains, buses, or bicycles to reduce airplane usage and its greenhouse gas emission.
Sziget’s centralized location in the capital makes it easily accessible via train. We recommend for those traveling internationally within Europe via train and for domestic train travel from within Hungary.
With the Slinger widget we are helping organize carpooling.

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Bike Friendly Festival

Bike to Sziget and enjoy free bike storage, a quick repair facility, and rental services!
Come by bike, cycle at least 250 km and be our guest at the Park Camping!


Green Camping Initiatives


If you are bringing your own tent, register it (for free) so we can prepare for your arrival! When heading back home, you can get a €20 webshop coupon for Sziget 2025. By registering, you are helping us to prepare for your arrival: it makes it easier for us to plan the space and infrastructure needed for camping. Not to mention that you help us to create a greener Island! Hit the button below to learn more.



• Tents left on the island generate around 7000 kg of plastic waste, polluting the island?
• Tents are typically made from non-recyclable plastic materials and when burnt they emit components into the atmosphere which contribute to acid rain?
• One tent is equivalent to about 8,750 plastic straws?
• Last year we distributed 356 tents to charities, but collecting the tents left behind takes up a lot of time and energy?

With your help, we are protecting the island from plastic pollution and by using your tent for many years, you contribute to the reduction of single use plastics and to a more circular world.
We’ll have collection checkpoints set up throughout the grounds for campers to donate unwanted tents or other camping gear to charity - so we can make sure it is being used for a long time. Let’s work together to leave our campgrounds beautiful and green!

Camping Recycling Zones

We provide a variety of bins for selective waste collection at designated areas of campings, where you’ll always find trash bags as well.

We’ll have collection checkpoints set up throughout the grounds for campers to donate unwanted tents or other camping gear to charity. Let’s work together to leave our campgrounds beautiful and green!

Water Points by DRINKiQ

Cut back on plastic bottles and refill water at the numerous drinking water taps across the festival. Look for the droplet of water symbols on the map to locate these points.

Recyklačné programy

100 of our volunteers will be working hard to make sure all recyclable items end up in the correct bin. We will have separate receptacles for PET plastic bottles and aluminum cans throughout the festival grounds, and additional receptacles for glass bottles and cardboard will be provided to our food vendors.
A deposit system introduced this year in Hungary aims to increase recycling. As part of this, we are providing an opportunity to return these PET bottles and aluminum cans at three Green Sziget Points.

Collective Composting Lab

We are extending our composting program, which was awarded with European Innovation Award in 2019. We are increasing the number of bins to 150 to collect the biodegradable plates and cutlery.


In order to minimize waste, a system of reusable cup is implemented at Sziget. The goal of the reusable cup system is to achieve that optimally a Szitizen uses only one cup during Sziget. Within the frames of this, you purchase a 0,33 l or 0,5 l reusable cup for HUF 800 (for each) and reusable shot-glass for HUF 400, which may be used for multiple consumption (ofc after cleaning). If you don't need it temporary, you can exchange it for a token (0,33 and 0,5 cup for 1 token each, 2 shot cup for 1 token, and only unharmed and empty cups are in the game) at the bars and if you need a drink, you can exchange the token for a new cup.
If you don’t need it anymore, you can exchange it for HUF 400 at Green Sziget Points (unharmed and empty 0,33 l or 0,5 l cups, max 2 at the same time). This amount will be credited either to your credit card or your wristband. Cups from previous years cannot be exchanged for new cups.

Slámky preč!

Slámky sú pre naše prostredie extrémne škodlivé, preto ich na festivale dostanete len na vyžiadanie.

Vreckové popolníky

Available by request at camping receptions, information points and Green Sziget Points.

Green Deal Circular Festivals Monitor

As a member of the Green Deal Circular Festivals, in 2023 for the first time we collected accurate data on our emissions and our ecological footprint in different areas, comparable to other festivals. Based on a model developed through an international collaboration, we have collected data along 5 themes (energy, material flows, travel and transport, water, hospitality). Ongoing measurements will help us to identify appropriate intervention points and priorities, and provide feedback on the success of our interventions.

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Spolupracovali sme so spoločnosťou Superar v snahe ukázať vplyv a silu, ktorú má hudba a hudobné vzdelávanie na celú spoločnosť. Prostredníctvom tohto programu podporujeme výučbu hudby pre deti.

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