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Superar is a social promotion initiative that aims to help emancipate children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds through music and musical composition. Overcome through daily promotional action, aims to reach with its activities people of all sexes, races or religions, without economic, class or educational distinctions, trying to raise their awareness of being self-sufficient and responsible European citizens. Superar uses music education as a tool for dialogue between different groups in our society, advocating the importance of all children having equal opportunities.

We believe that music education promotes an important variety of positive stimuli. Our model is based on the idea that training each student to make their own music improves attention, motivation, creativity and self-confidence. Furthermore, we believe that working together creatively strengthens a sense of community, communication skills, perception of others, tolerance and the ability to accept criticism. Cultivating these skills is a fundamental node of our model and is at the center of many socio-cultural and political problems.

More than 2000 children benefit from the Superar project, with more than 27 different nationalities in our locations in Austria, Switzerland, Slovakia, Bosnia, Romania and Liechtenstein.


Superar's goal is to include as many children as possible in music education for free. The project offers children and families the opportunity to connect with the public and cultural life of their city, establishing contacts with artists and their environment.
Superar's most important goal is to raise children's perspectives on their lives and help them discover their potential, especially for their future careers. Through various partnerships and collaborations we are constantly working on better educational opportunities for children. We organize several visits to our partners (concert halls, theatres) to present children with concrete options for their potential education.

Main activities:

Choir education
Musical instrument education
Children's summer camps
International summer camps
Taking part in professional musical productions (in collaboration with concert halls, just like the National Opera)
Concerts for children's families and friends as big as a public concert
Training for Superar staff from Austria and other international locations


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