The 6th Sziget Art of Freedom presents:

Создайте нечто экстроардинарное, захватывающее и уникальное, чтобы никто не смог пройти мимо вашего творения. Придумайте скульптуры, декорации, арт-объекты или функциональные инсталляции, которые могут стать отличным дополнением к атмосфере фестиваля Sziget! Поразите жителей "Острова Свободы" чистой энергией искусства! Сделайте проекты в полной гармонии с основными ценностями Sziget и обязательно экологически чистыми.

Мы собрали все самые впечатляющие инсталляции, красочные скульптуры, уникальные художественные проекты, потрясающие и удивительные арт-объекты и объеденили их в проекте Art Of Freedom. Этот конкурс дает возможность молодым и творческим худождникам представить свои идеи и показать свой талант на "Острове Свободы", превратив его в волшебный мир, где царит свобода, музыка, счастье, любовь и дружба!


Chilout Zone

Designed by: 3art

Concept -chillout area for visitors with a capacity of 90 seating. The Chilout Zone consists of artistic objects that are made from recycled material. The theme of the chillout zone is - WATER, LIGHT AND EMOTIONS

Bridge of Love

Designed by: Róbert Wahorn

The Star-faced shepherd

Designed by: Jap-Yap Team

The basis of our idea was to make such a point on the Sziget festivel, where the szitizen can chill at any given time of the day. The tone of the building comes from hungarian folklore, wich we tried to put into an up-to-date form. The concept is based on a stilized skull, of wich's mood is broken by the colourful graphics.

Scout Castle

Designed by: Hungarian Scouts

This Scout Castle is meant to give insight into the world of scouting. This sculpture is made out of natural materials and consists of a community space, demonstrating over a 100 year old construction techniques related programs that come from community experiences.


Designed by: Tekla Fehérvári

This installation aims to raise attention to the backsides of the too quick progress in technology. The insane manufacturing of electronical gadgets and the pollutant effects of consumer society are getting much and much disturbing. Electronical waste grows three times faster than any other kind of waste. Built from electronical waste and living off a tree, Elektropus symbolizes the destructive technological progress that devours our natural environment. Don’t let the beast of modern technology to suffocate you as well!


Designed by: KÉK

The FlowerBed is an architectural object, which is both a meeting place and a spot to rest. The floral form alludes to infinity and inclusiveness, everybody and anybody can find peace on the petals. Furthermore, the flower is the symbol of our colourful world: we are as diverse as the flowers, unique and one of a kind.


Designed by: WIRE

Wire’s new project called „Galilei” represents human activity and its result while the previous installation „4 Square Round Forest” was inspired by the tension between natural and industrial world. The material and the form recalls the team’s original style while they aim at creating something new in Galilei. The cube outside is made out of wood while the globe inside is made out of metal. 4-5 people may be seated inside the globe who set the installation turning around by using their own manual power. This aspect symbolizes the importance of human power and knowledge: it may be the fuel of the modern world as long as it harmonizes with nature. The importance of equality in this situation can’t be underestimated – this is why the speed of globe is limited.


Designed by: Orsolya Lengl

This diamond designed for Sziget Festival consists of colored glass foils on each side that are translucent. The clored sides shines through each other demonstrating the principle of light coloring. Different colors are mixed on each side.

Heart of Freedom

Designed by: Snuivelnation by Ome DUO

Every individual has his own view on things in life. Our goal with this artwork is to inspire people to always look at the positive side. Eventhough we can have a different views in life doesn't mean there is a right or wrong way of thinking. The most beautiful thing in life is sharing opinions and getting to new heights together. This artwork reflects a society in which people are free to have their own opinion and look at it their own desireable way. Our mission is to motivate people to look at the positive side of things. With every view we highlight diffent aspects of the artwork and motivate the world to share and be happy. Spread the love.


Designed by: Becker Dóra, Czikkely Anna, Hegedűs Ákos Márk, Orbán Dániel

There’s plenty of bad things in this world. We’re more likely to see that if we spill our coffee, find a hole in our sock, are running late and leaving our umbrella at home on a rainy day. There were and there will be a bunch of bad days like this throughout our life but with a bit of love we can turn the negative feelings around. Hug Wall tells a little story about how we can transform a rather terrible day with a hug. Walking from the left side to the right the picture changes, making the installation dynamic. Our piece with its strong, expressive colours and lovely style inspired by the love revolution and the fact that we must act to change the world around us.

Girl transformer

Designed by: Nyirán Márton

As part of the Love Revolution theme the girl transformer plan emerged. This gesture would represent Sziget’s diversity.


Designed by: Nyirán Márton

This sculpture is desgined from two hands that form a heart, representing love through symbols without having to use words. It’s meant to tie people together, no matter what language one may speak. It is the 21 century’s dove of peace.

Neon Figurative

Designed by: LedLightGroup

We aim to create a group sculpture of vibrant and luminous human figures. We’d like to portray these figures during an activity. It would be both entertaining and colorful at day and night.


Designed by: Balogh Boglárka, Boda Zsófia, Magyari Zsuzsa, Pál Bella

The idea of our installation ‘Oasis’ was given by green springs which often appear like a mirage in deserts and the so called ‘one tree islands’ emerging from a river. They stand out from their surroundings, attract the eyes, and give a resting place for the tired traveller: they please functional and aesthetic needs. These buzzwords lead us to create the Oasis of Sziget. Oasis, because traversing ‘caravans’ can camp here; in the spirituality of the Island of freedom: It’s the meeting point of people arriving from around the world, it is an island in Sziget.

Piece of Peace

Designed by: Zala Zsófi, Tóth Ádám

Our aim was to provide a calm space for the szitizens where they can pull out of Sziget’s drift. The installation’s peaceful, surrounding interior space gives a chance to relax. The sitting area can take in a group of 6-8 people. The net fabric follows the shape of the body and filters the stimuli of the outside world.


Designed by: Somogyi Fanni, Somogyi Miklós

The Pop Sheep installation is a public sculpture that consists of 24 life size colorful plastic sheep wearing sunglasses. I was both inspired by the idea of ‘counting’ sheep before falling asleep and pop art, thus I decided to pull the image from my imagination and create a real life, life size plastic herd. Instead of making Szitizens fall asleep at the festival, the herd is an energetic and emblematic icon on the island enhancing the positive and lively mood of the festival. Additionally, Szitizens will have the opportunity to win a baby sheep (Lambkin) by taking a selfie with the sheep and uploading it to an online social media site with a # phrase. With this public sculpture I aim to enhance the ‘cool’ image of Sziget Festival, and also create a fun and interactive work that can enrich the experience of the Szitizens.

Rain Grove

Designed by: Pongor Klára, Gellért Gergő, Ézsöl András, Jagodics Tamás

Monumental set up, the meeting of human being and the environment as the symbol of the sustainable future. The set consists of 2 interconnected trees, natural wood, live plants and recycled materials. The white led decor and moving robot lights bring the installation alive, creating an exciting and brilliant atmosphere. We incorporated a steam gate in the structure, providing relief on a hot day.

Rythem Box

Designed by: Wire - Győrik Ágnes, Simon Zoltán, Lövei Attila

The Rythem Box is an interactive installation that users can find in a shaded area, and can play music that helps release the body and soul. There are four different types of percussion intruments and each side of the Rythem Box, where festival-goers can improvise jams and participate in music therapy.

Secret Cube

Designed by: Lander De Coster, Mattias Vanderween, Robbe Baert, Thomas Lambrechts, Lissa Callens, Dries Bronselaer, Joyce Van De Winkel, Eline De Smet

There is a secret place filled with music. You can walk through the dark hallway filled with smoke. At the end of the hallway you will find the cube. Light & Music with no sunlight from begin till end, several hours a day. There’s a limited amount of people that can enter every hour. Spread the word, There’s something secret on the Island!

String Theory

Designed by: Theoritics

An all day all night useful, spectacular communal furniture set. Throughout the day it provides a calm, near-natural and comfortable resting place for the tired Szitizens with all the different colors of the rainbow, by night it transforms itself together with the people of the festival. The colorful alternating LED lights are eye-catching and interesting which provide the perfect atmosphere for the festival and uncover the threads' mysterious patterns.

Island of the earthly delights

Designed by: DCA decorart

The installation based on the famous work ”Garden of the earthly delights” of Bosch Hieronymus. It shows the well of life in the garden of eden. That fantastic construction are scary and seductive in the same way. In our small 3D world it can appear in low poly resolution. Thats the way what our mind can accept. We can approach the object, thereby we can approach our supernatural home.

Tree of Love

Designed by: brash

Where? Here. #treeoflove is a meeting point, a co-operative light installation - you can light up the whole tree - emitting light signals to someone who is looking for you, or just because of the colors.

Turntable of chill

Designed by: Jap-Yap

We are a young industrial designer dou, who are constantly looking for new challanges, and this is how come in contact with SZIGET again. The base of our piece is a retro vinyl player, that was inspired by our love of music and the countless emotions it communicates. We wanted to display this in a form, that lets the festivalgoers chill out for a bit in any part of the day. Aside from a confortable place for those who are tired, it is a colorful and interactive place inside the festival. The player has a few interactive buttons, and the vinyl itself can go round-and-round even with Szitizens sitting on it. On the back side of the vinyl cover, that is behind the player, there is a board where the visitors can write (with chalk on painted score) their feelings regarding music and love. The base materials of the installation are wood and steel, the accessories are made of enviromentally friendly plastics. The piece also has moodlighting, so it is a spectecular part of festival even at night.

Wishing tree

Designed by: Sáska Vivien, Stollmayer Ádám, Szántó Tamás

Before you ask, no, unfortunatelly we are not the tooth fairy.. but maybe it will be easier like this. Grab a slip of paper and make a wish, place it in our tree or just sit down and chill a bit at the foot of a tree after a long night.