Green Sziget

One of the Love Revolution’s main message is about environmental consciousness and sustainable development. Last year, we put a lot of effort into fulfilling our goals and becoming greener and plan on continuing with this tradition this year. The Love Revolution is our way of celebrating, that together, we can achieve sustainable development and environmental awareness in our daily lives.


Compensate your footprint by planting a tree in Sziget Forest.

In a green valley, north east of Budapest, by the Bedepuszta village, a former agricultural field will be turned into an ecological paradise. Sziget fans can adopt a tree for 20 euro to compensate their travel footprint.

Did you know?

A 2-hours flight from, for example, Amsterdam to Budapest and return, entails an average emission of 435 kg CO2, per passanger. A return trip by car is 300-350 kg divided by the number of occupants. A young adult tree absorbs about 25 kg of CO2 per year. In view of the long lifespan of most tree species that will be planted, the permitting of under and soil growth and the guarantee that trees will not be felled, it can be concluded that 1 tree absorbs more CO2 than the emissions of 5 return passenger flight.

Choose to go green at Sziget (too)!

Are you committed to sustainability and not ready to give up your principles during the festival? We made a list suggesting ways of helping us having a smaller ecological footprint at the festival!
Green sziget

Eat consciously! Check out the food at restaurant blocks with the sign „Mamma Earth Eatery”, bringing you sustainable offers.

Green sziget

Reuse your tent and camping equipment! If not possible, give them away at an indicated collection point.

Green sziget

Collect waste selectively! Select your reusable waste and put them into different waste bins.

Green sziget

Choose being straw-free!

Green sziget

Arrive by bicycle! While traveling between the city centre and Sziget Festival, use bicycle or public transport.

Green sziget

Choose low emission transport! 80% of the carbon emission of Sziget comes from airplane usage. If you travel by plane, please, take part in our carbon compensation program!.

Green sziget

Use the assigned water taps and refill your tumbler!

Green sziget

Save water! If you use a push button shower, try to shower with pushing the button a maximum of three times! i.

Reusable cups

Continuing last year, you will receive your drinks in reusable cups. Buy your first cup (450 HUF), then take your used one back and to receive a new one. If you don’t wanna lug your cup around all night then exchange it for a token at any bar and use it later on to redeem a new one. Cups cannot be exchanged for money.


We have partnered with Superar in an effort to demonstrate the impact and power that music and musical education have on society as a whole. We support music lessons for children through this program.

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Sustainable travel

We will encourage our visitors to travel by trains, buses, or bicycles to reduce airplane usage and its greenhouse gas emission.

SzigEthical Wear

Check the webshop to see our new awesome Plastic Fee Ink, organic t-shirts, canvas bags and BPA-free bottles!


Bike Friendly Festival

Bike to Sziget and enjoy free bike storage, a quick repair facility, and rental services!

Gepida, our festival partner, is also participating in this year's Sziget. Find the Gepida Show Truck (next to the Sziget Eye) for great sweepstakes and get to know about eco-frindly electric cycling.

Mamma Earth Eatery Restaurants

You can find climate-friendly, vegetarian or vegan dishes in every restaurant block of the Festival. We encourage our suppliers to serve/use seasonal and local ingredients and to prefer poultry and vegetable-based courses.

FreshWater Points

Cut back on plastic bottles and refill water at the numerous drinking water taps across the festival. Look for the droplet of water symbols on the map to locate these points.

Circular economy transition

We keep examining the necessary resource need of organizing Sziget to reduce it in the future. Our goal is to use long-life, reparable, reusable, and recyclable products in the process.

Clear campsites pladges

Make a solemn vow to clean up your campsite’s waste after you leave the Island. Say that you will bring your own tent and camping accessories home with you, and you’ll throw your garbage away. Say it to the camera to see yourself on the Main Stage’s projector and win the first Sziget 2023 passes! 

Make a vow

Collective Composting Lab

We extended our program to this year, that was awarded with European Innovation Award in 2019. Now we are going to collect compostable plates from 3 diners. The humus material made here will be used during the recultivation of Óbuda Island.

Sustainability Report

This year we will prepare a public sustainability report. We’d like to use this to keep track and monitor our progress as well as, allow others to glance at our data and learn more about how effective our policies and measures have been.

Waste Recycling

Just as last year, this year, we will be collecting plastic, aluminium, and glass waste at 140 locations. Our goal is to achieve a 50% recycling rate at least.

Take your tent home!

Thousands of tents and other camping equipment are left behind at The Island of Freedom after the festival which leaves a great environmental impact on our Planet. We do our best to decrease our ecological footprint and protect our surroundings, so we kindly ask you to take care of your used camping equipment after the party’s over. Thank you! For more information, check out this video. If you’d prefer not to be camping at this year’s Sziget, feel free to check out our accommodation options.

Don’t Suck!

Straws are extremely harmful to the environment, therefore bartenders will only provide reusable straws upon request.

Pocket Ashtrays

Pocket ashtrays were handed out throughout the island.

Package-free shop

For those of you care about zero waste, we open a package-free shop to get your breakfast or snack at right place. The employers of “Lemérem” shop not only provide delicacy but also life coach tips to anyone who is open for a change to a zero waste lifestyle.

Recycling Programs

There were three Recycling centers at Sziget. On Sziget’s last day tents, sleeping bags, and matts, were collected by charity organizations and volunteers. This rid the area of around 150 cubic meters of waste. We also distribute 10,000 cigarette stub collectors, and collected plastic, aluminum, and glass waste at 140 locations. We were able to recycle about 50% of the waste produced during the event. This year there was a study about the Óbudai Sziget’s environmental condition, and the Festival’s effect on it. Based on our analysis, we will make suggestions to improve and expand green areas.


Enjoy the freedom of Blinkee electric scooters! Book a scooter and head to the Island of Freedom! Arrive comfortably and safely with a blinkee electric scooter and park in the guest parking lot at the H Bridge.

Download the app, register and find your nearest blinkee scooter! If you are a student, take the student discount! The 1st minute is free for everyone!

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