Green sziget

One of the Love Revolution’s main messages is about environmental consciousness and sustainable development. Last year we made an extra effort to fulfill these goals, and plan on continuing with them this year. The Love Revolution is our way of celebrating, that together, we can achieve sustainable development and environmental awareness in our daily lives.

Reusable cups

Starting this year, you will receive your drinks in reusable cups. Buy your first cup (450 HUF), then take your used one back and to receive a new one. If you don’t wanna lug your cup around all night then exchange it for a token at any bar and use it later on to redeem a new one.

You can also drop off your cup at collection points to support Superar, a charity that provides music lessons to underprivileged children. For details click HERE.

Cups cannot be exchanged for money.


We have partnered with Superar in an effort to demonstrate the impact and power that music and musical education have on society as a whole. We support music lessons for children through this program. For details click HERE.

Don’t Suck!

Straws are extremely harmful to the environment, therefore bartenders will only provide them upon request.

EcoCamping powered by E.ON

In the EcoCamping area (capacity 200 people), each resident receives a canvas bag along with a flask, cigarette stub collector, and trash bag. In addition, Slow Food Bar offers campers breakfast and lunch made of fresh produce and quality ingredients. All items used for the serving and eating of meals are biodegradable (plates, cups, utensils, napkins, take away boxes, etc.). There will also be a farmer’s market and community breakfast in the campgrounds. With the help of E.ON, the reception and sanitary facilities will be powered by solar energy.

Recycling Programs

There will be three Recycling centers at Sziget. On Sziget’s last day tents, sleeping bags, and matts, will be collected by charity organizations and volunteers. This will rid the area of around 150 cubic meters of waste. We will also distribute 10,000 cigarette stub collectors again, as we did last year, and we will also be collecting plastic, aluminum, and glass waste at 140 locations. We will be able to reuse about 30-40% of the waste produced during the event. This year there will be a study about the Óbudai Sziget’s environmental condition, and the Festival’s effect. This year there will be a study about the Óbudai Sziget’s environmental condition, and the Festival’s effect on it. Based on our analysis, we will make suggestions to improve and expand green areas.

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