Announcement of the “NGO Island” Tender 2017

The Sziget Cultural Management Office is announcing a tender for this year’s festival taking place between August 9th 2017 and August 16th 2017. The tender is open to all non-governmental organizations active in any of the EU member countries to submit proposals for their:

participation at the Sziget 2017 Festival’s “NGO Island” venue. 


Proposals can be submitted by associations and foundations that have been active and incorporated at least for one year. The mission of applicants should focus on the education, integration, prevention or solution of problems concerning the 16 to 35 age group and be executed under the special environment of the festival.

We expect to receive proposals that clearly demonstrate the applicant’s useful social activity and aim to engage and involve patrons of the festival with their activities.

The Sziget office will provide basic technical necessities (reserved space, tent, electricity) to the selected applicants so they can execute their program on the “NGO Island” venue.

We would like to draw the applicant’s attention that to enter the festival in 2017 the office will provide reduced-cost professional passes.


Selected applicants also have to cover their costs of travel, accommodation, catering, as well as any materials and services needed to execute their activities.

We will give preference to those applicants that have an international impact and are planning to execute high quality professional activities and conduct their activities in multiple languages.

Private individuals, government, municipal, for-profit and political organizations as well as music bands and artist are excluded from the application process.

The deadline to apply is the 10th of April 2017. Results of the tender will be announced on the 2th of May 2017.  

All applicants will receive feedback by e-mail. Preceding the formal agreement between the applicant and the Sziget Cultural Management Office about the conditions of participation, the selected applicants will be invited to personal discussions about their planned activities. The agreements will be signed at latest by the 4th of August 2017.

The Sziget Cultural Management Office reserves the right to take into consideration the proposed activities, the applicant organization’s history of successful projects, the objectives, program, possibilities and facilities of the festival.

Applicant’s proposal can be submitted via e-mail. Since the application and the following communication regarding the program organization is done via the Internet, the applicant is required to have at least one active regularly checked email address.  

Your proposal should contain:

-       introduction of your Association/Organization

-       what is the aim of your association with participating in „NGO Island”

-       proposed activities, programs for the „NGO Island”

-       experiences on similar festivals, successful projects

-       number of staff and their responsibilities in the program

-       your contacts


Deadline for submission: 10th April 2017.


Project proposals must be submitted before the deadline via e-mail to the following e-mail address: Subject: NGO Island, 2017



Andrea Vidó