Stages of Sziget

Meet all the colours of Sziget. Green is within reach; stages are in a few steps away. What stages? Let us introduce them.


Main stage dedicated to Dan

The Main Stage is the center of the island. It is the largest stage, so you can’t miss it! The Main Stage hosts the most popular and biggest names of the festival, attracting tens of thousands of Szitizens. Here you can expect all genres and unforgettable performances. Additionally, all special parties, such as color parties, are hosted at the Main Stage. See you there!

Arlo Parks
Billie Eilish
Caroline Polachek
Carson Coma
David Guetta
Easy Life
Florence + the Machine
girl In red
Halott Pénz
Imagine Dragons
Mimi Webb
Mumford & Sons
Niall Horan
Sam Fender
Son Mieux
Yung Lean

FreeDome presented by Mastercard

From the biggest international stars to local favourites and upcoming bands, you'll find it all here, whether you're into electronic, popular music or any genre.If you want to hear live music after the headliner at the Main Stage, this is the place to go. Freedome is open until 4am every day.

070 Shake
Acid Arab
Amyl and the Sniffers
Baby Queen
Ben Böhmer live
Confidence Man
Destroy Boys
Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes
Giant Rooks
Hannah Grae
Ivan and the Parazol
Jamie xx
Jungle By Night
Kelly Lee Owens DJ set
Los Bitchos
Loyle Carner
Lucie Antunes
Nothing But Thieves
Parra For Cuva
SG Lewis
Sleaford Mods
The Aces
The Comet is Coming
TV Girl
Two Feet
Uncle Waffles
Viagra Boys
yuné pinku DJ set

Samsung Party Arena

This huge tent is electro party central for the Island! So, EDM, techno, minimal, trance, and house fans, mark this sight! This will be one of your primary bases throughout Sziget Festival. Music will be brought to you by young, talented DJs, iconic figures, unique formations and live acts. Be prepared to party through ‘till dawn, every night!

Adam Beyer
Bart Skils
Chris Avantgarde
Denes Toth
Devin Wild
Diplo b2b Carlita
Evil Activities
Grace Dahl
James Cole & Pat Duff
Macky Gee
Mateo & Spirit 
Nosphere & B'Andre
Reinier Zonneveld
Skrude & Myamo
Sound Rush
Sub Zero Project
Tale Of Us
Vintage Culture
Warface & Vertile

TicketSwap Colosseum

Want to party at one of the most unique locations? Do you love electronic music? Enter through the dog-head and enjoy the Colosseum, built entirely from pallets. The theme is underground and progressive electronic music. Get ready to party ‘till sunrise cause you won't be able to leave this awesome place!

Byron Yeates 
Chaos In The CBD 
DJ Gigola 
Dj Tennis 
Estella Boersma 
Herrensauna XXL 
I Hate Models 
Jeff Mills 
Juicy Romance 
KETTAMA b2b Miley Serious 
Lee Ann Roberts 
Mall Grab 
Marco Bailey 
Patrick Mason 
Paula Temple 
Sara Landry 
SHDW & Obscure Shape 
Soft Crash 
Stephan Krus 
Sven Väth 

ibis x ALL Europe Stage

Europe Stage is back in 2023 with a vibrant and thrilling line-up, showcasing top emerging bands from all around the world - don’t miss the chance to find your new favourite across a variety of genres! The stage will feature heavy rock acts followed by stunning electronic music and pop rock tunes. Be part of this special, weeklong musical experience and see acts that might return as headliners in a few years. We are not kidding, a few years ago bands like Lola Marsh, Whispering Sons, Chef’s Special and Jungle by Night played on this stage as emerging acts.

Adam French (UK)
Amber Run (UK)
Anima Sound System (H)
Asa Masa (FIN)
Baasch (PL)
Biarritz (BR)
Cepasa (UA)
Devil's Trade (H)
freekind. (SLO/HR)
Gio Evan (IRL)
Hundred Sins (H)
Shell Beach (H)
shishi (LT)
Sziámi AndFriends (H)
The Mary Wallopers (IRL)
Tramhaus (NL)
Awir Leon (F)
Call me Karizma (USA)
M.Byrd (D)
Mezzosangue (I)
Queralt Lahoz (E)
Stain The Canvas (I)
The Haunted Youth (B)

dropYard powered by BOLT

Kickstart your day with an epic boost of energy by joining the ultimate break-yoga session, and then dive headfirst into the showdown of the world's finest break dancers as they battle it out for glory. Showcase your own skills, enjoy the performances and learn new tricks every day!By the evening dropYard transforms into the hippest stage with a vibrant and engaging atmosphere, enthusiastic audiences and dynamic performances. Jump into the world of hip-hop and rap and discover the endless possibilities these global genres have to offer.

Alice Longyu Gao (CN)
Alyona Alyona (UA)
ASAN Budapest DJs: Cadik, Planetmalcolm, Yapo (H)
Ayrtn (UK)
Balming Tiger (KOR)
Beton.Hofi (H)
Bewis de la Rosa (E)
DJ GYöReMiX! (H)
DJ Vunzige Deuntjes (NL)
Edgar (BR)
Johnny Messer & Hoes’n'PZA (A)
Kazuo (J)
On The Low: Ekhoe, PowerPuff, AKC Misi, Kisé (H)
Pogány Induló (H)
Proph (UK)
Sisi (H)
Smack One (CZ)
Toksa (BF)
47TER (F)
Bizzey (NL)
Co Lee (H)
Damien (E)
Gladde Paling & Vieze Asbak (NL)
Josman (F)

Global Village

Global Village takes you on a musical journey, showcasing the sounds of different regions from Eastern Europe to South America, Asia to Africa, India to the Middle East. Immerse yourself in the local rhythms, languages and instruments, and experience the diversity of world music - from traditional to electronic. Take part in music workshops during the day, play and make music with others, meet artists through talks and dance the night away!

Al-Qasar (F/USA/LB)
anna RF (ISR)
Balaklava Blues (CAN/UA)
Bamba Wassoulou groove (ML)
Barrut (F)
Bohemian Betyars (H)
Deli Teli (F-GR)
Djely Tapa (ML-CAN)
Gangar (NO)
Kobo Town (TT/CAN)
Kommuna Lux (UA)
Koza Mostra (GR)
Lakvar (D)
Lass (SEN)
Madalitso Band (MW)
Manaky (H)
Marcela (F-SK)
Orchestre International du Vetex (B)
Pulkes (ISR)
Puuluup (EST)
Son Rompe Pera (MEX)
Stéfania Allstars (H)
The Langan Band (UK)
Ti'kaniki (F)
Varkocs (SK)
Vinicio Capossela (I)

Magic Mirror

Ladies, Gentlemen and Everybody-In-Between, get ready for an experience of a lifetime! Magic Mirror has been spreading love and joy for over two decades. Our diverse and dynamic program is designed to make you lose yourself in the moment, explore your inner self, and get to know everything you never dared to ask about the world of the L, the G, the B, the T and all the other letters in relation with the Queer. From captivating film screenings, panel discussions and workshops to hilarious stand-up comedy, dance performances and concerts, Magic Mirror has it all about the Community - and all that in English. Our legendary parties are the perfect opportunity to dance the night away, make new friends, fall in love and let your mind go free in a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. Discover the Magic yourself!

Queenz - The Show with Balls! (UK)
Cakes da Killa (USA)
Lollipop (MT)
Raisha Cosima (E)
Yossi Berg & Oded Graf: When Love Walked In (ISR)
Femmes to the Front (H)
LaSol (E)

Theatre-and-Dance Field presented by Fidelio

Sziget Festival is known to have one of the most diverse performing arts stages. Whether you're a fan of contemporary dance, physical theatre, or other forms of performing arts, the Theatre-and-Dance Field will provide a one-of-a-kind experience for you. You'll have the opportunity to see and take part in dynamic performances from artists from all around the world and explore different styles and techniques. With two open-air stages and some other site-specific locations, you can enjoy a wide range of captivating performances, including daily special programs that provide a unique and innovative atmosphere.

Requardt & Rosenberg: Future Cargo (UK)
Panama Pictures: Into thin air (NL)
Hika Teatroa: Gazte (E)
Ertza: Otempodiz (E/MOZ)
Cie MF: Ça ira (F)
Compagnie Dyptik: Mirage (F)

Travelling Funfair

Travel back in time to the world of traditional funfair games! The unique atmosphere of this venue takes you to a magical world within Sziget, where everything is possible and where we can all turn back time - multiple times if you wish to. Packed with shooting, tossing and striking machines, magicians, puppeteers, fortune tellers, jugglers and even a miniature ferris wheel, Travelling Funfair invites you to a journey through time where you can find your inner child.

Sienta la Cabeza (E)
Troula Street Theatre: The Strange Case of the Brasov Street Dentist (E)
Eitis Magia: Por el Momento (ARG)

Cirque du Sziget

Jugglers and equilibrists, acrobats, visual and expressive shows, movement, momentum, physicality and transformation. Cirque du Sziget is where you can find all of these and much more. Many visitors cannot imagine the festival without new and unpredictable circus performances. Search for the Big Top Tent and discover unique performances from a variety of nationalities from Canada to Morocco, Australia to Argentina and many more - we cannot wait to hear your applause as the performers show their incredible talents.The program offers non-stop thrills and excitement. With a mix of indoor and outdoor performances, you'll never run out of things to see and enjoy. And that's not all! As the night falls, prepare to be fascinated by the fire shows that will add a special spice to your unforgettable Sziget experience.

Cirk La Putyka: BOOM Vol. 2 (CZ/UA)
Cirque Alfonse: Animal (CAN)
Circa: Humans 2.0 (AUS)
manoAmano: NOSO3 (ARG)
Yldor Llach: Sobre Rodes (E/CH)
Cie Amoukanama: FA (GUI)
Das Arnak: Bakana (F)
Cie Colokolo: Chouf le ciel (MOR)


The Lightstage will offer live music concerts by young, talented, emerging and well known artists from across Europe. The area is meant as a quality chill-out zone. There will be cool daytime concerts and dj-sets during the afternoon and night, along with a bar and smoothie corner. Szitizens can relax and get ready for the rest of the night here.

Flanger Kids (H)
Stanton and the seasons (UK)
Studio Murena (I)
Dumbo Gets Mad (I/USA)
Sam Hanlan (UK)
Palmaria (I)
Savana Funk (I)
David Bay dj set (D)
Maris Pihlap (EST)
Extraliscio (I)
Viah (CZ)
Slapstick? (H)
Lizzy and the palm (USA)
Xadi (UK)
Meganoidi (I)
King Hammond (UK) + The Big ska Swindle (I)
Red Room (I)
7ebra (SE)
Santi Francesi (I)
Gen and the Degenerates (UK)
Gianpiero Carbonara dj (I)
Carlo Chicco dj (I)
UjjaYi dj (F)
Fab Mayday dj (I)
Mr.Bogo dj (I)
Chroma Sound System dj-set (I)
Andrea Fiorito dj (I)

Music Box powered by Refresher

This year the Music Box will be standing in the Artzone! From 2 to 8 pm you can chill while listening to music. The fascinating stage of Music Box offers you a variety of exciting singer-songwriters. You can discover the best local and international acts. Come and enjoy the intimate atmosphere and soothing music!

Mychelle (UK)
Charlie Cunningham (UK)
Blair Davie (UK)
Joe Bel (F)
The Dreggs (AUS)
Andrei Irimia (RO)
Amistat (D)

Tribute Stage presented by AMC

No further comments necessary... Get ready for an unforgettable experience at this stage! Finally, you will have the chance to hear your favourite songs performed live and fulfil your long-awaited dream of attending their concerts. From ABBA and RHCP to Guns N’ Roses, sing-along to all your favourite tunes and make unforgettable memories. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity!

ArtZone presented by

The ArtZone is the creative workshop zone of Sziget Festival, the hub of creative and interactive programmes. This year again, we will offer a daytime venue for active relaxation with all-day creative workshops, interactive installations, exhibitions and spectacular sculptures. Visitors will be able to meet some of the most interesting figures in the Hungarian art scene: alongside artists and craftspeople, there will be space for students from art institutions, outstanding designers and galleries from all over the country.

Everness Chill Garden by Tanqueray

With three venues, the Everness Chill Garden will provide a special experience right next to the Sziget Beach. It will be a real relaxation area, where you can listen to lectures and round-table discussions on spiritual and esoteric topics. In the Community Space, you can physically relax and share the world with others over a cup of tea. In the evening, the Evernessia will transform into a music stage, where you can listen to world music performers and later on DJs playing soft chill.


It's no exaggeration to say that Sziget's biggest stage is for walking performances, with productions popping up all over the festival area! It's not impossible that, while peacefully snacking on the side of the road or on your way to a concert, you might stumble across a marionette of a horse several metres high or a devilish parade of fierce dragons, virtuoso acrobats or even volcanic drummers. One thing's for sure, you won't be indifferent to what you see. Our aim is to show you surprising and beautiful things along the way, and to make you want to come with us. At least long enough for you to be part of the magic that our artists from around the world bring you each year.

Close-Act: Saurus (NL)
Sagals d'Osona (casteller) (E)
Fanfakids (B)
Deabru Beltzak: Les Tambours de Feu (E)
Mécanique Vivante: Le Chant des Sirènes - Parades urbaines (F)
Paris Benares: Chevál (F)
Asphalt Theatre (ISR)

SportZone by Jana

Get ready to sweat at the Sport Zone! All around the world sport is an important part of life. People, regardless of age and gender, invest time and energy to be healthy and fit every day. Why should it be different here on the Island of Freedom? Here, when the sun comes up, life goes on, so you can drop by any time during the day to get a good workout, play football or even a game of foosball. So grab your friends, grab your water bottle, and get ready to push your limits.

Stereo Stage powered by Sláger FM

Stereo stage (earlier known as retro stage) returns this year in a new location with larger dance floor and wider range of program. Enjoy diverse dance workshops in Cuban salsa, Brazilian samba, funky styles, body percussion, Boogie-woogie, Bachata, and K-POP in the afternoon. As the sun sets, prepare for an evening of unforgettable performances. The stage will be graced by domestic icons delivering the greatest evergreen and current hits.

Before I Die

The Before I Die wall is one of the most well-known street art projects by Candy Chang (TWN/USA), the internationally acknowledged Taiwanese-American designer/artist. The aim of the project is to encourage community building by overcoming the boundaries of individual isolation. Through this an opportunity has been created for Szitizens to share their thoughts.

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