Stages of Sziget

Meet all the colours of Sziget. Green is within reach; stages are in a few steps away. What stages? Let us introduce them.


Main stage #30

The Main Stage is the center of the island. It is the largest stage, so you can’t miss it! The Main Stage hosts the most popular and biggest names of the festival, attracting tens of thousands of Szitizens. Here you can expect all genres and unforgettable performances. Additionally, all special parties, such as color parties, are hosted at the Main Stage. See you there!

Fred again..
Janelle Monáe
Liam Gallagher
Martin Garrix
Sam Smith
Bebe Rexha
Louis Tomlinson
Tom Odell
Becky Hill
Yves Tumor
Zoe Wees
Joker Out
Margaret Island

Revolut Stage

Our big red tent (formerly FreedDome) turns into a very special stage with our partner Revolut to provide a new inner design, bringing even more incredible acts than before. From the biggest international stars to local favourites and upcoming bands, you'll find it all here, whether you're into electronic, popular music or any genre. If you want to hear live music after the headliner at the Main Stage, this is the place to go. Revolut Stage is open until 4am every day.

Apashe with Brass Orchestra
Ari Abdul
Big Thief
Crystal Fighters
Fontaines D.C.
Four Tet
Franc Moody DJ set
Kiasmos live
Mannequin Pussy
Marc Rebillet
Neil Frances
Nia Archives
Nova Twins
Pip Blom
Teezo Touchdown
Tinclicker live
Tkay Maidza
Whipped Cream
Yard Act

BOLT Party Arena


This huge tent is electro party central for the Island! So, EDM, techno, minimal, trance, and house fans, mark this sight! This will be one of your primary bases throughout Sziget Festival. Music will be brought to you by young, talented DJs, iconic figures, unique formations and live acts. Be prepared to party through ‘till dawn, every night!

Andrew Mathers
Camo & Krooked b2b Luude
Carmen Lisa
Daria Kolosova
Deaf Jules
Denes Toth
Dom Dolla
Enrico Sangiuliano
Hard Driver Live
Joris Voorn
Justin Mylo
Kevin De Vries
Loco Dice
Marc Maya
Murdock A/V set
MUST DIE! b2b Riot Ten
Panic & The Viper
Sullivan King
Tini Gessler

Yettel Colosseum


Want to party at one of the most unique locations? Do you love electronic music? Enter through the dog-head and enjoy the Yettel Colosseum, built entirely from pallets. The theme is underground and progressive electronic music. Get ready to party ‘till sunrise cause you won't be able to leave this awesome place!

Anfisa Letyago
Archie Hamilton
Charlie Sparks
Chloé Caillet
Clara Cuvé
Dj Seinfeld
Ellen Allien
Enzo Siragusa
Eris Drew & Octo Octa
Ferrari Rot
Funk Tribu
Héctor Oaks
Honey Dijon
Job Jobse
Jonathas Kaspar
Len Faki
LP Giobbi
Lucia Lu
Marco Bailey
Nico Moreno
NTO live
Part Time Killer
Richie Hawtin
Sam Paganini
Sarah Story
Sven Väth

Ibis x ALL presents The Buzz


On the Island of Freedom, a stage awaits with a diverse lineup of emerging bands from around the world, promising a week of musical enchantment. Feel the thunderous roar of heavy riffs, sway to hypnotic electronic melodies, and get swept away by infectious pop-rock energy. Don't just watch; be part of this extraordinary musical journey where each act has the potential to become a future headliner. Join us and discover your new favourite band, perhaps witnessing the birth of the next big thing.

Artemas (UK)
badfocus (CZ)
Bratri (CZ)
Chéri (F)
Co Lee (H)
Cut_ (NL)
Dead Poet Society (US)
Elefánt (H)
Freakin Disco (H)
Future Static (AUS)
God Is An Astronaut (IRL)
iamyank (H)
Inigo Quintero (E)
Jazzbois (H)
Jeremias (D)
K!ngdom (E)
Karpe: Omar Sheriff (N)
Lyra Valenza (DK)
Might Delete Later (NL)
Naska (I)
One Eat One (I)
Ramkot (B)
Redzed (CZ)
Royel Otis (AUS)
Skaar (N)
Starbenders (USA)
The Anahit (H)
Venerus (I)



As the sun rises over the Island, the day bursts into a whirlwind of excitement. Begin your morning with a break-yoga session, fuelling yourself with boundless energy. Then, immerse yourself in the electrifying showdown of break dancers from around the world, where talent clashes and glory await. But as twilight descends, dropYard transforms into an exciting hub of urban culture, full of hip-hop beats and dynamic performances. Lose yourself in the rhythm of the night, where every rhyme and every move tells a story, promising an unforgettable journey of discovery and passion.

365XX pres. Satarii, Mimii, Cary, Skuff Barbie & Mona Lina (D)
6363 (H)
Bladerunnaz DJs
Bongor (H)
Citromale Gang pres. Beatrick & Friends Live feat. Miller Dávid, ajsa luna, laurie., ANUBII$ (H)
Citromale Gang pres. Hundred Sins Live (H)
Citromale Gang pres. S*GGRÁZÓS Buli Siaga, Dj Pampinho, MC Pimenta Show + Pole Dancers
DJ Ron (D)
Ezhel (TR)
Gray (UK)
Joe Unknown (UK)
Kojaque (IRL)
Kristof7s (H)
Kybba (NL)
L'Entourloop (F)
Lil Frakk (H)
M.O.M. (A)
Middle School (BE)
Otoy (UA)
Ótvar Pestis (H)
P Money (UK)
P Money x Whiney (UK)
PIMF and friends feat. Die P / Hexer and Grinch (D)
Pogány Induló (H)
Reanny (NL)
Rhove (I)
Rockefellababe x MC Claudio (NL)
Rushy (UK)
Sisi (H)
Soft Boy DJ set (IRL)
Songer (UK)
Torky Tork (D)
Vunzige Deuntjes Soundsystem (NL)
WAVY (H) Co Lee, FRANKO, Aminon, Kebab, Orlando, Dom Beats, Indigo, Blaize, Dan Pinto, IMDB
Zola (F)

Global Village


Embark on a mesmerizing journey through Global Village, where the rich variety of world music unfolds before your eyes. From the haunting melodies of Eastern Europe to the rhythmic beats of South America, and from the mystical tunes of Asia to the pulsating rhythms of Africa, immerse yourself into a village full of cultures and sounds. Engage in music workshops during the day, connect with fellow music lovers, and dance the night away under the stars. In Global Village, the world is your stage, and music is the universal language that unites us all.

Antti Paalanen (FIN)
Besh o Drom (H)
BIM (Benin)
Bobo & Behaja (Madgascar)
Bohemian Betyars (H)
Bukahara (D)
Dhoad (IND)
DJ Mukambo (B)
Djmawi Africa (ALG)
Duckshell (H)
Eléonore Fourniau (F)
Ensamble B11 (VEN)
Eskorzo (E)
Flavia Coelho (BR)
Folkatomik (I)
KillaBeatMaker (COL)
Mitsune (J/D/GR/A)
Morena Leraba (LSO)
Nasip Kismet (H-TR)
Romano Drom (H)
Said Tichiti & Vázsonyi János
Shagan (BG)
Sidi Wacho (F)
Siti & The Band (Zanzibar)
Sukh Mahal (F)
Tęgie Chłopy (PL)
uKanDanZ (ETH/F)
Yagody (UA)
Yungchen Lhamo (Tibet)
ZitheRandom (H)
Zoord (H)

Sziget Beach


The Sziget Beach will provide a special experience right next to the river Danube. It will be a real relaxation area for chilling, where you can start your day with Tai Chi later listen to singer songwriter acts in the afternoon then deep house DJs and live acts till the morning. Come around sunrise and sunset by the water to experience this natural magic enhanced by exceptionally curated music.

Pop Tribute Stage


No further comments necessary... Get ready for an unforgettable experience at this stage! Finally, you will have the chance to hear your favourite songs performed live and fulfil your long-awaited dream of attending their concerts. From ABBA and Rage Against The Machine to Tina Turner, sing-along to all your favourite tunes and make unforgettable memories. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity!

Magic Mirror pres. by NYX Cosmetics


Ladies, Gentlemen and Everybody-In-Between, get ready for an experience of a lifetime! Magic Mirror has been spreading love and joy for over two decades. Our diverse and dynamic program is designed to make you lose yourself in the moment, explore your inner self, and get to know everything you never dared to ask about the world of the L, the G, the B, the T and all the other letters in relation with the Queer. From captivating panel discussions and workshops to hilarious stand-up comedy, dance performances and concerts, Magic Mirror has it all about the Community - and all that in English. Our legendary parties are the perfect opportunity to dance the night away, make new friends, fall in love and let your mind go free in a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. Discover the Magic yourself!

Alinka (UA)
Balogh Bence (H)
Bernie Dieter's Club Kabarett (D/UK)
Color Fusion Ball (Kiki House of Bandita x DQH x Dragvolution) (H)
Dana Montana (UA)
Danny Beard and Their Band (UK)
Dirty Cash (H) w/ Dasco (D)
Drags of Anarchy (NL)
EUROfansCLUB (Int'l)
Lady Joker (NL)
Mius feat. RAF (H/PL)
Muovipussi - Noise Juice (FIN)
Pandora Nox (A)
Phitthaya Phaefuang (N/THA) - Realness: Luk Kreung
Queens Brunch Vienna (A): Magic Drag Brunch
Raisha Cosima (E) Vogue Workshop
S.A. Tweeman (UA)
The Pamperers (H)
Triton (H)
Trojka - Szx_Mchn (H)
Yotam Peled (D): Migrena2x2
Dave Thompson (UK)
Lou Conran (UK)
Eddy Brimson (UK)
Tony Vino (UK)
Kuan-wen Huang (TW)
Edo Berger (NL)
Stephen K Amos (UK)
Daniel Said (H)
Kitty Nagy (H)
Boothby Graffoe (UK)
Javier Jarquim (NZ)
Paddy Lennox (IRL)
Radu Isac (RO)
Alastair Barrie (UK)

Cirque du Sziget


Embark on a journey into the spellbinding world of Cirque du Sziget, where gravity is defied, and imagination knows no limits. From gravity-defying jugglers to acrobats soaring through the air, each act is a testament to the boundless possibilities of human expression. With performers from around the globe captivating audiences under the iconic Big Top Tent, the stage is set for an unforgettable spectacle of talent and charisma. Prepare to have your pulses racing and your hearts pounding as Cirque du Sziget delivers non-stop thrills and excitement, both indoors and outdoors. So come, join the adventure where the adrenaline never fades, and the wonder never ceases to amaze.

Compagnie Allégorie (F): LOOking fOr
Planeta Trampolí (E): Back2Classics
Circus Abyssinia (ETH): Tulu
Cirk La Putyka (CZ): Runners
FORCE (KOR): Suzik
Julot Cousins (F): Hula Hoopla!!!
Les Dudes (CAN): Stories in the city!
Lucho Smit / Galapiat Cirque (NL/F):
The Donkey & The Carrot
SuperCho (F): The SuperShow
Kyiv Municipal Academy for Circus and
Performing Arts & Scenic Circus (UA/D): LYALKA
Baross Imre Circus School (H):
Triumph of the Nutcracker

Theatre-and-Dance Corner


Nestled within the vibrant energy of the Sziget Festival lies the Theatre and Dance Corner, showcasing a diverse array of performing arts. Here, artists from around the world converge on two open-air stages, inviting audiences to immerse themselves in a captivating tapestry of contemporary dance, physical theatre, and innovative performances. With daily special programs adding a unique atmosphere, this corner of the festival promises an unforgettable experience where imagination knows no bounds.

Alexander Vantournhout / not standing (B): Screw
Angel Duran (E): Cowards
Bush Hartshorn (UK): Tell Dad
Cia Du'K'tO (E): CAFUMÉ
Compagnie Mehdia (F): MeríDio
Company Chameleon (UK): Umbra
Galit Liss (ISR): Blue Zone
Himherandit Productions (DK): Mass Effect
Mellina Boubetra (F): Intro
Nathan Felix-Rivot (F): BEWARE
Roni Chadash (ISR): Chapters of Joy
Sleeping Beauty Project (H): Dream Experiment
SUB.LAB.PRO / Jenna Jalonen (H/FIN): RING
Susana Pous / MiCompanía (CUB): Infinito (extracts)



Settled within Sziget beats the heart of creativity: ArtGarden. It offers a haven for active relaxation and exploration throughout the day. Here, workshops, installations, and exhibitions blend seamlessly, inviting you to immerse yourself into a vibrant tapestry of experiences. Amongst the vibrant pathways, Hungarian art mingles with students, craftsmen, and designers, creating an atmosphere full of possibility. In ArtGarden, every moment is a brushstroke on the canvas of memory, where the spirit of art dances freely in the air.

Tóbiás Terebessy / Medence Designlab (H)
Tibor Hargitai (CAN/H)
Karina Mendreczky & Katalin Kortmann-Járay (H)
Gross Arnold (H)

Travelling Funfair


Travel back in time to the world of traditional funfair games! The unique atmosphere of this venue takes you to a magical world within Sziget, where everything is possible and where we can all turn back time. You can relive your favourite childhood memories over and over again. From shooting galleries to tossing games, striking machines to puppeteers and fortune tellers, this is more than just a funfair—it's a journey through time where you can rediscover the magic of youth and unleash your inner child. So come one, come all, and join us on this extraordinary adventure where dreams come to life.

Drew Colby (UK): My Shadow and Me
Tony Fratello (ARG)
Di Filippo Marionette (I/AUS)
Tombs Creatius (E): Xics del Xurrac
Diary of a Magician (TWN)
Osadia Hair Show (E)
Karzat Theatre (H): Travelling Funfair



As the sun climbs high in the sky, LightStage becomes a haven, a chill-out zone where young and renowned artists showcase their talents, infusing the air with melodies that set the perfect tone for a day of pure joy. And as the night falls, it transforms into an electrifying stage pulsating with the energy of DJs. Don't miss your chance to immerse yourself in the unique and chill vibes, whether by day or under the captivating lights of the night.

43.Nove (I)
Adriana (I)
Alex the Judge and the Forbidden Fruits (I)
AmA DJ (I)
Butter Bread (A)
Carlo Chicco DJ (I)
Cherym (IRL)
Chroma Sound System (I)
Cucamaras (UK)
Deer Waves dj-set (I)
Elasi (I)
Esther (S)
Fab Mayday (I)
Gallus (UK)
Gianpiero DJ (I)
Giuse The Lizia (I)
Goldy.mp3 (D)
Guatemala (I)
Jack Valero (UK)
Jiska (D)
Klara Keller (S)
Laila Al Habash (I)
Muovipussi (FIN)
Popa (I/LT)
Sgamo (I)
Stefano di Matteo DJ (I)
Szakács Erika (H)
The Curious Kind (H)
The Meffs (UK)

Giant Street Theatre


Cie Gratte Ciel (F): Rouge!

Rouge! is a captivating and grandiose music box, a scarlet carousel spun by a whirlwind of dizzying circus acts. It is a vibrant celebration of life, where the multidisciplinary aerialists and performers of Gratte Ciel collide with the creative brilliance of visual artists and technicians. This baroque spectacle features acrobats, dancers, and performers in an fascinating display of artistry and challenge. Experience Rouge! every night after the headliners at Sziget, where the magic of this mesmerizing performance will leave you breathless.




It's no exaggeration to say that anything can happen at Sziget. It's not impossible that, while peacefully snacking on the side of the road or on your way to a concert, you might stumble across a big dragon of several metres’ high creatures, virtuoso acrobats or even puppets making music. One thing's for sure, you will see things you’ve never seen before. Our aim is to show you surprising and beautiful things along the way to your next concert, and to make you want to come with us.

Brincadeira (E): Merograde + Vertical
Puppet Street Band (I)
DUNDU (D): The Giants of Light
Brass On The Road (H)
LaDinamo (E): Music on Cycles
Close Act (NL): Birdmen
The Working Boys Club (UK): Serving Sound
Sarruga (E): Kremah + Hannavas



Get ready to move at Sport Zone! All around the world sport is an important part of life. People, regardless of age and gender, invest time and energy to be healthy and fit every day. Why should it be different here, on the Island of Freedom? Here, when the sun comes up, life goes on, so you can drop by any time during the day to get a good workout, play football or compete against other Szitizens. So grab your friends and your water bottle, and get ready to push your limits.




When you step through the inviting entrance of GameLandHub, it feels like you are entering a world full of fun. The atmosphere is pure joy with the anticipation of unforgettable experiences waiting to unfold. From the moment you arrive, the boardgames are all over the place. For those seeking a relaxing distraction, a game of darts awaits, promising moments of friendly competition and skilful aim. Or perhaps you crave the strategic challenge of a game of chess or indulge in the timeless appeal of classic board games and many other games.


Before I Die


The world famous Before I Die wall is one of the most well-known street art projects of Candy Chang (TWN/USA), the internationally acknowledged Taiwanese-American designer/artist. The aim of the project is to encourage community building by overcoming the boundaries of individual isolation. Come and let everyone know how you would continue the sentence: Before I Die…


Think for Tomorrow


Get ready for days filled with learning, exploration, and thought-provoking discussions. Feel welcomed to think, discuss, debate, and create art together before the parties in the evening. Refresh your body and your mind with good topics about the future! Sziget is not only for losing yourself to the music, you can also find inspiration to engage with the burning issues of the 21st century. There’re internationally renowned speakers, some of the best in their fields, every day for a week to join us and Think for Tomorrow.


Living Statues


Next to the Circus you'll find yourself surrounded by living works of art, brought to life by talented performers who have mastered the art of immobility. The Living Statues will offer you a chance to experience the magic of stillness and movement combined.

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