Make the most out of your daytime activities in Hungary’s thriving capital city!


Budapest is one of the coolest cities in Europe. It’s historical and hip, classical and contemporary, soulful and electrifying at the same time. There is a vibrant blend of culture and nature mixed with awe-inspiring grandeur. This historical city pulsates with energy that is impossible to resist.

Budapest’s major sights are within easy reach from the festival grounds. Make the most out of your daytime and explore Budapest’s irresistible attractions and unforgettable experiences.

With the Sziget CityPass by Budapest Card you have unlimited travel by public transportation, you can relax at one of the iconic thermal baths or lidos of the city and take the Sziget Boat Service for free.

This guide will give you a glimpse into what Budapest has to offer for Szitizens. We invite you to explore this enchanting city before, during and after the festival.

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Walk the cobblestone streets and experience the enchanting charm of Buda Castle with layers of rich history. Visit the medieval coronation church and enjoy breathtaking views of Budapest from the Fisherman's Bastion. The Palace buildings host museums and grand halls and you can also explore what’s beneath the Castle District, including the Hospital in the Rock, a nuclear bunker museum.

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Embrace nature and take a leisurely bike ride, have a picnic on the rooftop garden of the new Museum of Ethnography, or rent a rowboat for a romantic adventure. Visit the enchanting Vajdahunyad Castle, meet the newborn animals at the zoo or see the city from a bird’s eye view from the gigantic BalloonFly. Visit the contemporary building of the House of Music Hungary with a cool exhibition focusing on music and sounds.
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Budapest is the city of spas. Immerse yourself in relaxation at the world-famous thermal baths. Whether you're soaking in the healing waters of Széchenyi or enjoying a rejuvenating spa treatment at fancy Gellért, or a quick swim at the local’s favorite Lukács or at the wave pools of Palatinus, these thermal baths and lidos offer an unforgettable wellness experience.

Sziget CityPass by Budapest Card gives you a free entry to one of the baths.

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Marvel at the architectural masterpiece that is the Hungarian Parliament Building. The workplace of Hungarian politicians for over 120 years, it is considered one of the most beautiful buildings in the world. Its neo-Gothic splendor and riverside location make it an iconic landmark. Snap some Insta-worthy photos and explore its opulent interior. Don’t miss the Shoes Memorial along the Danube and take tram #2 for a panoramic ride.
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Dive into Budapest's hip Jewish District, known for its vibrant street art, unique boutiques, and eclectic nightlife. Discover the rich Jewish heritage at Europe’s largest synagogue and learn about Hungary’s 20th century history on the streets of the district. Savor delicious kosher treats at local restaurants and visit the world-famous ruin bars.
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Cruise along the picturesque Danube River and witness the city's stunning skyline on both sides of the boat. Pass by the Chain Bridge, the Parliament Building, the Statue of Liberty and other historic landmarks. Enjoy a day- or evening cruise by Legenda for a sightseeing or romantic cruise, take RiverRide’s floating bus or speed up by RedJet on the Danube.

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Escape the festival buzz and retreat to Margaret Island, an oasis of tranquility located next to Sziget. Rent a bike carriage with friends or ride solo by the green MOL BUBI bikes or take a leisurely stroll through its lush gardens. Enjoy outdoor concerts by the musical fountain and the view from the top of the water tower or relax in the island’s swimming pool or at one of the charming bars along the river.
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Feed your curiosity at Budapest's world-class museums. From the contemporary art at the Ludwig Museum to the historical treasures at the Hungarian National Museum there's a museum to satisfy every interest. Snap photos at the Museum of Illusions and the Pinball Museum, look at art created by light at LAM, learn about Hungary’s spirits at the Pálinka Experience Museum or House of Unicum and get sweet treats at the Szamos Chocolate Museum.

Your Sziget CityPass by Budapest Card gives you discounts at many museums.

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Budapest's streets are an open-air gallery showcasing vibrant street art and graffiti. Explore the city's hidden corners to discover unique murals and urban art that beautifully blend creativity and culture. Walk around the Jewish district to learn about Hungarian history painted on the side of buildings. Go on a scavenger hunt and find the miniature statues by Kolodko around the city and the pop culture stencils of 0036Mark.


Unwind and soak up the bohemian atmosphere of Budapest's charming cafés. Savor a rich cup of locally roasted coffee, indulge in delicious pastries, and immerse yourself in the city's café culture. Explore the historical cafés, like New York Café, Párisi Passage Café or Central Café or go for a specialty cup at My Little Melbourne or Tamp & Pull.

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Elevate your nightlife experience at Budapest's trendy rooftop bars. Sip on artisanal cocktails while taking in panoramic views of the city's illuminated skyline. Or experience the quirky and alternative side by visiting Budapest’s famous ruin bars. These abandoned buildings turned vibrant nightlife spots are filled with unique décor, live music, and a lively crowd.
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Budapest boasts several cool districts that offer a unique blend of charm and excitement. Bartók Boulevard on the Buda side is a vibrant neighborhood known for its artistic flair, with an array of trendy galleries, stylish cafés, and design shops. Újlipótváros on the Pest side is a hip neighborhood that exudes a laid-back atmosphere with a mix of Bauhaus architecture, charming residential streets, and many cozy cafés and eateries. Both districts are easy to reach from Sziget by public transport.


Make the most out of your festival holiday in Budapest. The Sziget CityPass by Budapest Card gives you free public transport, free Budapest Airport-Sziget shuttles and free one-time thermal bath or beach admission. Take the Sziget Boat Service on the Danube between the festival and downtown every day for free and enjoy discounts to attractions, museums, pools and restaurant.
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