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Press accreditation for Sziget 2024 is now open. Click here to proceed!

The Sziget Press Office is happy to help you. If you have any problems or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Sziget Festival Press Office on the [email protected] email address.

Press photos can be downloaded from here:

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Use our photo materials to make your coverage more colorful. You can find many videos on our YouTube channel covering the festival; feel free to link it to your coverage. Probably the best video to use is the Official aftermovie of Sziget 2023.

Press releases can be found here.

Sziget official logo is available here.

Below you can find more information about accreditation and press work on the Sziget.

General Information

Our press office strives to assist with all inquiries before and during the festival, reachable at [email protected] or during the Festival in the Press Center on-site (daily between 10am and 11pm).

Sziget Press Centre is located next to the Magic Mirror venue during the festival. Our colleagues are available daily from 10 am to 11 pm.

Accredited journalists/photographers can pick up their press or photo/video passes at the Festival Press Centre on the Festival. The passes are basically required for press work on the Sziget.

Press accreditation

The press accreditation application process for Sziget 2024 will open early spring and closes on July 31st for both national and international media.

The applicant, by submitting the accreditation request, simultaneously accepts the data processing information and consent to data processing. The data processing information is available here.

Submitting an accreditation request does not guarantee automatic accreditation. After reviewing the applications, we will provide feedback on the outcome.

During the accreditation process, we examine whether the request comes from a legitimate/active media outlet, considering the media's reach and relevance. We also consider previous years' coverage and the current festival's preliminary appearances.

Please note that we can only issue a limited number of press passes.

The evaluation and feedback process is ongoing, depending on the number of received applications.

We will provide daily photos from our on-site festival photographers for use, details will follow.

Photography at Sziget

You can request a photo/video pass by filling out the official press accreditation form. Please keep in mind:

The photo/video pass authorizes the creation of images/videos within the festival area intended for publication by the creator or their authorized representative. Photography is restricted or not allowed in certain areas, such as family campsites, social and medical areas, security and police areas, and all artist spaces (backstages). For details, please inquire with our staff.

Due to the limited amount of space in the photo pits, an extremely limited number of media photographers will be approved for a photo/video pass.

The photo/video pass does not automatically grant access to the photo pit. Photography in the Main Stage photo pit is subject to the discretion of individual artists. Consent is usually given to photograph the first three songs but this is not automatic. Daily information on artist restrictions or changes is provided at the press center.

Access to the Main Stage photo pit is limited for media personnel. Only those accredited and authorized by a media outlet, equipped with professional gear, can access the photo pit and according to the capacity of the photo pit.

The photo/video pass alone does not automatically authorize entry to the Main Stage photo pit for photo/video capture. This requires a separate daily permit, often subject to the artist's request or contractual agreement.

No professional camera equipment will be allowed on-site without proper photo credentials.

You must respect the privacy of everyone at the festival. At the festival, the provisions of the GDPR must be fully complied with.

Flying or filming with drones is not allowed on site before, during or after the Festival – and is strictly prohibited.

We will provide daily photos from our on-site festival photographers for use, details will follow.