The wait is over! Sziget Festival, one of the greatest music festivals and cultural events of Europe is finally here and we once again team up with DRINKiQ to bring you the Sziget Festival Survival Guide with surefire tips to have the time of your life.

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Stay hydrated, skip the hangover

Alcohol and summer heatwaves make a dangerous cocktail, so it is really important to stay hydrated all the time. Remember, alcohol can quickly dehydrate your body which can lead to headaches, dry skin and mouth, dizziness – and the heat can even intensify these effects. You wouldn’t want to miss the concert you have been waiting for all year, would you?
Look out for free DRINKiQ water points, make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day and always have a glass of water between two alcoholic drinks.


Don’t drink on an empty stomach

It is essential to grab a good meal before you start drinking alcohol. Besides slowing down the absorption of alcohol, a good meal tops up the salt and minerals your body loses while drinking. You will need the energy to party all night long, trust us. Luckily there is a wide variety of food options for all tastes waiting for you at Sziget Festival.


Listen to your body, know your limits

Follow your body’s responses, not just the rhythm of the beat. Savour not only the finest moments, but your drinks too. Always pace yourself and if you start to feel dizzy or uncomfortable, please listen to your body and stop. Be kind to yourself and dare to say no when you had enough.


Take breaks to recover

Sziget Festival offers endless opportunities, experiences and concerts, we know all of you are eager to get the best out of your time. Make sure to recharge and refresh too.
If you end up overdoing it, give yourself a break. “Hair of the dog”, drinking while hungover, doesn’t work: those one or two miserable might give you temporary relief, but you cannot delay the inevitable and you may feel worse in the long run actually.
To get through, replenish your fluids. Drink water or treat yourself to a delicious smoothie or juice to replenish the minerals you’ve lost. If you can, have a nutritious meal, rich in carbs and protein to help maintain your blood sugar levels. Be kind to yourself, give yourself time to recover and continue with renewed spirit and a recharged body.


Look out for each other and plan ahead

Sziget Festival is the best when you can share it with your friends. We know you have been waiting for this for quite a while, so to make sure things go smooth, we encourage you to plan ahead. Know how you can get home and if you decide to leave early, let your friends know. Set a rallying point in case you get separated or attend different programs.
Going live from your favourite concert, taking selfies with your crew, constantly checking the feed or the experiences Sziget has to offer – you’ll use your phone all the time. Make sure it won’t lose power when you need it most. To be safe, bring a battery powered phone charger.
Most importantly, always look out for each other. Don’t leave your drinks unattended and never accept drinks from strangers. Remember to drink plenty of water and take a breather from time to time.

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