After two years, Sziget Festival is finally back! Are you excited for the amazing music, the summer sun and having a great time with your friends? We are, too! We have some helpful tips for you – they may help you catch all the bands and artists you came to see.

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Pace yourself!

Here at Sziget Festival, we put together a colourful agenda. Concerts, circus, funfair, stand-up comedy and puppet shows – all day long, at Sziget, there will never be a moment lost. The show must go on, but you can take a break. Don’t start drinking early, think of the annoyance of always needing to go to the restroom and losing your space in the crowd. Try pacing your alcohol with soft drinks and drink at your own pace. You are not competing with your friends, there’s no gold medal to win, but you might not remember a great night.


Stay hydrated!

Between 10 and 15 August, we expect summer heat, so it is extremely important to keep yourself hydrated. If you dance under the sun all day long, make sure to keep a water bottle on you. If you’re drinking alcohol, consider its dehydrating effect as well. Pay attention to keeping yourself hydrated, because a lack of water could make you feel awful and miss your favourite performer. Sziget festival offers FreshWater Points throughout the whole area – look for the droplet of water symbols on the map to find them.

Discover the gastronomy!

There’s a mouth-watering choice of food available at Sziget Festival: in every restaurant block you can find climate-friendly, vegetarian or vegan dishes with seasonal and local ingredients. Getting some food in your stomach is particularly important if you’re drinking. It helps to soak up the alcohol and it tops up the salt and minerals your body loses while drinking alcohol. Alcoholic drinks don’t substitute a delicious meal, and besides, you’ll need your strength for dancing the night away.


Give yourself time to recover!

If you do end up overdoing it, give yourself a break. “Take a hair of the dog that bit you”, drinking on a hangover doesn’t work, it just eases the alcohol withdrawal and delays the problem. Treat yourself to some delicious smoothies or juices on offer to make up for the minerals you’ve lost. Continue with renewed spirit!

Don’t let your phone die!

Recording your favourite songs, taking selfies with your friends, constantly checking the programs and venues that Sziget offers – you’ll use your phone all the time. Make sure it won’t lose power when you need it most. Arrange a meeting point with your friends if you get separated or come from different programs. We offer free charging stations at Sziget Festival, but if you can, bring a battery powered phone charger with you to avoid uncomfortable situations.