Easy Access Camping

Dedicated free campsite for Szitizens with disabilities with toilets and showers. Pre-registration is required to use this campsite.

Information & registration: [email protected]

Sziget’s accessibility partner is Access4you

From this year, Sziget is an Access4you location, which means that detailed and reliable accessibility information is available for the entire festival area, based on the needs of nine groups: wheelchair users, people with strollers, the Elderly, the Visually impaired, the Blind, the Hard of hearing, the Deaf, people with cognitive impairment and people with assistance dogs.
The location profile with detailed information, including pictures and dimensions, will be available on the first day of Sziget, 10.08.2023, at noon, after all the objects have been built, guaranteeing up-to-date information and making it easier for people with disabilities to plan ahead their stay.
Other (not only) Budapest sites are also available in the Access4you database, worth checking out: https://access4you.io/

Available services in XS Land

Transport services for Szitizens with disabilities

We transport disabled guests (with a festival ticket) from a specific point in Budapest to the Sziget Festival XS Land. The request must be made 24 hours prior the transport.
Information and registration: [email protected], tel: +36 30 489 4482.

Wheelchair hire

Wheelchairs can be rented with a deposit and an ID (with photo), only for disabled Szitizens. Minor wheelchair repairs are also available. All rentals are subject to an individual contract.
You can rent a wheelchair on the premises during opening hours, or by telephone after opening hours.
Deposit: 120 Euro (cash)
Information and registration: [email protected], tel: +36 30 489 4482.

Assistance of those visually impaired

This service must be requested 24 hours in advance by calling the telephone number provided! The service includes the transfer from the entrance of the venue at Sziget and from one venue to another! Please note that our dedicated staff cannot be with the requester non-stop.
Information and registration: [email protected], tel: +36 30 489 4482.

International and Hungarian sign language interpreters are available on request.