Living Statue Championship at Sziget Festival

Sziget Festival invites living statues from all around the world to join the festival in 2018. 
The Living Statue Championship will happen during 5 days of the festival between 10th and 14th August 2018.

Application and selection: 

Application deadline is on 31st March 2018. After the selection procedure, 10 living statue performers will be invited to perform at Sziget Festival. You can find the application link below.

This year Sziget Festival and the global family of Szitizens coming from more than 100 countries launch the “Love Revolution”, which is a peaceful rising to show that together we can reach change in our lives. We believe that everyone’s individual freedom should be respected and everyone should have the right to freedom of thoughts and lifestyle, sexual orientation, religion, speech and the right to equal knowledge and learning. We believe in embracing diversity, respecting human dignity and looking out for each other.
Applicants whose living statue performance fit into these goals are given preference.


What to do?

Selected acts agree to perform between 4pm and 8pm each day, minimum 4x40 minutes per day, during the Championship period.

What you get?

The selected 10 Performers will get:
  • Contribution of 400 € for travel expenses
  • Accommodation for 6 nights (in twin rooms) 
  • Catering at the festival
  • Sziget Festival pass
  • Dressing room at the festival

Jury and winners selection

Two winners will be selected at the end of Sziget. One winner by a professional jury with professionals from the performing arts sector and the representatives of the World Living Statue Championship, the other winner by the visitors of the festival.

What to win?

The two winners get 500 € each and an invitation to participate at the World Living Statue Championships in the Netherlands in October 2019.


Busking is allowed, but please note that as Sziget is a cashless festival, visitors might not have cash on them, so don’t expect much income.

You can submit your application by clicking on this link before the deadline on 31st March 2018.