Xs Land Programs


Open 11:00-19:00

In XS Land, non-governmental organisations and foundations are happy to welcome visitors with interactive games and sport programs. Here everything is a bit different from what you experience in your usual adventure park. Try what you are capable of, and we guarantee you very fruitful experiences. Come and visit us: play, study, experiment!

„I don’t give up!” Foundation (Nem Adom Fel! Alapítvány)

  1. Labyrinth for the Blind
    You have to go through a labyrinth with a white stick and a blindfold; you can meet other people as well.
  2. Obstacle course for those in wheelchairs
    You don’t need to use your legs, just use your hands instead!
  3.  Miracle City
    This station presents you the challenges of intellectual disabilities and accompanying disfunctions. An intellectually disabled mayor presents the stations to the visitors. 
  4. Volleyball while sitting
    Try to play volleyball while being unable to use your legs!
  5. TALK AND LIVE! (beszÉLJ!)
    Our expert colleagues having multiple disabilities don’t use their voice for communication – they use their fingers, their head pointers and a board with letters and words.  However, they love to talk and getting to know new faces – you should meet them, too!
  6. Painting with mouth and toes
    Try how to paint without your hands – with your mouth and toes! While painting, you can meet real artists who create their paintings with this technique!
  7. Sport in a different way
    How do the disabled do sports? At this stage, you can try bowling, boccia, petanque and other different sports.
  8. Siamese wheelchair
    This is an unconventional but very funny station, where your task is to try to move two joined wheel chairs with your partner.
  9. A different walk
    Sensing the world barefoot – this is what A DIFFERENT WALK is about. Try to guess what type of surface you are on while walking!
  10. What do my hands see?
    Our visually impaired experts acquaint you with the basics of Braille, and if you wish, they present you with handmade products, too. For the latter, you need to wear a blindfold to make the experience more interesting. At the end of the station, you can prepare a surprise bracelet, also blindfolded.

Talking Hands Cultural and Educational Association

Can you imagine the world without voices and sounds? Would you be crushed if you couldn’t hear the voice of your favourite singer? Well, we are not crushed at all! Come and experience that the world can be a whole without voices and sounds, too!


Demosthenes national lobby for the speech impaired and their helpers

Demosthenes aims at helping young people and adults living with speech impairment and their helpers. Our main work focuses on giving out information, providing therapy, ensuring training possibilites and lobbying. At Sziget, we are waiting for you with games about speech impairment and different kinds of speech and language problems.


Down Foundation

XXX SUPERHEROES The Super Power of the Down-syndrome Come, sit with us and prepare pieces of jewellery, earrings, small bags and accessories for partying with the help of our young people with Down syndrome! Get to know them, learn more about their everyday activities, find out how kind they are! If you want to take a break, we are waiting for you with face-painting and mandala colouring. Paint a T-shirt for partying! We are looking forward to seeing you!


National lobby for people with learning disabilities and their helpers

ÉFOÉSZ - Bohém' Office The lobby ÉFOÉSZ centres its work only on making the situation of people with such disabilities more understandable and acceptable and supporting their individual lifestyle, sensitising the members of the society.


Recreational Sports Association of the Visually Impaired

Sport AND SEE! (SportoLÁSS) LÁSS has been organizing integrated leisure and sports programs for 16 years. With our volunteers we can provide many extreme sports next to blindfootball and showdown.

info@lassegyesulet.hu lassegyesulet.hu facebook.com/lassegyesulet

Paraktiv Integrating Foundation

We think that accessing sports is not always easy for the disabled. Our foundation tries to help in this, trying to get more and more disabled people to get involved in the world of sports. We would like to spread the word, provide space for doing sports together, a meeting point between disabled and non-disabled. We would like to reach our goals mainly with the help of para-sportsmen, because they are the most authentic people in this! Activities at Sziget: • sports for wheelchair teams (basketball, handball, rugby) • fencing • darts • powerlifting, arm wrestling • yoga, mediball • special wheelchair gears • spéci kerekesszékes hajtányok

paraktiv.hu facebook.com/paraktiv

Hermina Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Our association has been representing blind and visually impaired people in Budapest and Pest county since 2005. We are preparing daily situation games for the festival.

info@herminaegyesulet.hu herminaegyesulet.hu facebook.com/herminaegyesulet