What it’s all about?

Discover the city with your Budapest CityPass! Make the most out of your festival holiday, utilize all public transport options within the city borders and enjoy the best spas Budapest has to offer with the help of this special pass.

Why do I need this?

Sziget is a small town in itself with so much to do, but don’t forget that it’s in the heart of an amazing city. CITYPASS is specially designed for Szitizens who are:

  • staying in the city and take public transport every day to get to the festival venue;
  • interested in exploring the city and the extraordinary Budapest spa culture;
  • on holiday and planning to arrive earlier or stay longer, than the festival itself;
  • only coming for a long weekend, but are trying to make the most out of it in an easy and cost-effective way

How much does it cost?

  • 49 EUR for 13 days – Valid from 3 August 2019, 12:01am to 15 August 2019, 11:59pm
  • 33 EUR for 5 days – Valid for five consecutive days between 3 - 15 August 2019 beginning from the day of validation until 11:59pm on the fifth day
  • 19 EUR for 2 days – Valid for two consecutive days between 3 - 15 August 2019 beginning from the day of validation until 11:59pm on the second day

Services included:

  • Free public transportation:You can travel without buying tickets on BKK trams, buses, metros, and on HÉVs with a CITYPASS (within Budapest’s borders). Travel options do not apply to transport services with special rates: nostalgia route and bus 100E that commutes directly between Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport and downtown Budapest. For more information on transportation services and schedules:http://www.bkk.hu
  • Free one-time bathhouse or beach admission ticket: Use the coupon you received with your CITYPASS for a one-time free entry into a beach or bathhouse, operated by the Budapest Spas and Hot Springs Company, in Budapest. You will also receive a 20% discount for any further entries with your CityPass wristband. This discount does not apply, for night and evening baths. www.spasbudapest.hu. For a list of participating bathhouses click here
  • Free special Sziget shuttles: You can travel without purchasing a ticket on special Sziget shuttles that take you from Liszt Ferenc Airport to the entrance of the festival. You can board the special Sziget shuttle with a CityPass purchased at the airport, or with a valid voucher. Available between August 5-9, 2019 and on August 14th.

    • 5-11 August – TO SZIGET- every 40 minutes between 8.45-0.45
    • 9-11 August – TO THE AIRPORT - every hour between 10.00-23.30
    • 14 August – TO THE AIRPORT- every 10-15 minutes then every 15-20 minutes between 03.00 - 14.00
  • Further discounts: 
    • 50% off many museum tickets in Budapest and around the countryside (List of museums coming shortly)
    • Sziget boat Party: 20% off the on-site price with a CityPass (Details coming soon)
    • Many more coming soon
  • Where can I buy one in person?
    • Liszt Ferenc Airport Terminal 2A, Ticket sales and voucher redemption, from 8am - 11pm, between 2 - 12 August, 2019
    • Liszt Ferenc Airport Terminal 2B, Ticket sales and voucher redemption, from 10am - 8pm, between 2 - 3 August, 2019 and 8 - 10 August, 2019, and from 12am - 12pm, between 4 - 7 August, 2019
    • Keleti Station at the Tourist Information Center, MellowMood Office, Ticket sales, from 8am - 5pm, between 2 - 15 August, 2019
    • Keleti Station at the Tourist Information Center, MellowMood Office, Voucher redemption, from 8am - 5pm, between 2 - 13 August, 2019
    • Akvárium Club - Deák Ferenc Square, Ticket sales and voucher redemption, from 12pm - 9pm, between 2 - 16 August, 2019

Buy your CityPass at a BKK sales point (vouchers cannot be redeemed here)

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