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Make your tickets reimbrusable All ticket sales are final. Make your non-refundable tickets reimbursable if you can't attend, inculding medical reasons (COVID-19 is treated just like any other illnes).


Important information

Refund Protection is offered by Booking Protect Limited. This means that Sziget Cultural Management Ltd cannot exercise any influence over the Refund Protection policy that has been taken out with Booking Protect Limited.

Everything covered by Booking Protect Limited can be found here

Why do I need this?

Refund Protection provides a refund if a ticket purchaser is unable to attend the event due to a number of circumstances as defined in the Terms and Conditions. Booking Protect Limited processes the personal data of the ticket purchaser as determined in the Privacy Policy.

Refund Protection can only be purchased simultaneously with the ticket purchase. The customer has a 14 (fourteen) days cooling-off period to cancel the Refund Protection after the ticket purchase. You can cancel the Refund Protection by sending a cancellation email to [email protected]. Form for the cancellation email is available here.

Questions regarding the Refund Protection can be directed at Booking Protect.



Please fill in and submit your refund application form as soon as you are aware that you will not be able to attend the event according to the circumstances defined in the Terms and Conditions of Booking Protect.

Click here for the Booking Protect cancellation form

How to claim a refund?

Step 1

Create an account

Create an account. You’ll need to create an account on to request a refund, upload documents, communicate with Booking Protect securely and monitor the progress of existing applications.

Step 2

Complete your application

Fill out a Booking Protect refund form. This should take around 4 minutes to complete and is then assigned to a personal customer service agent who will handle your refund request.

Step 3

Your refund application is reviewed

Once your application is submitted and assigned to one of Booking Protects agents, they aim it within 48 working hours.

Step 4

Your application is updated

You’ll be notified immediately once your application has been reviewed. If, following the review, your application is approved, you’ll be given the option to choose between their payment options so that the refund can be received by your preferred method, All refunds are issued within 48 working hours of you providing payment information and should appear in your account within 5 working days.

See here the Coronavirus guide.

Should you need to request a refund please contact Booking Protect via the application form found here Booking Protect Limited Romero House, 8 Airport West, Leeds, LS19 7ZA